On Your Mark...Ura!! is a offensive technique used by the Death Scythe Tsar Pushka using his weapon abilities as the "Demon Canonball".



Tsar attacks Crona with his Canon head.

Adopting a stance whereby he places both his hands and feet firmly to the ground, in a similar manner to that demonstrated by runners on their starting blocks, Tsar Pushka charges a considerable amount of energy in preparation for a subsequent attack. Completing these necessary arrangements; Tsar launches his own transformed head at the intended target with a tremendous quantity of destructive force much like a cannonball, before retracting his toughened skull through means of the large chord that now acts as his neck, only once a collision has occurred. By altering the angle at which the shot is fired, Tsar can accurately control the resultant movements of the unfortunate victim in order to either increase the damage inflicted or to leave them open for proceeding strikes, as displayed during this ability's initial introduction.[1]

The power of this technique can be dramatically augmented by the addition of Tsar's respective Demon-Repelling Wavelength (退魔の波長, Taima no Hachō), signified by the emission of an intense white light upon activation, making it particularly effective in countering any individuals harbouring or reliant upon Madness.


  • The word "Ura" in this technique's name identifies a cheering sound in Russian, much like "horray" in English.


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