The Old Ways (古武術, Ko Bujutsu; FUNimation "Ancient Martial Arts") is a Martial Way taught exclusively to the Hoshi Family and later to their Star Clan branch in which specializes in killing human beings.[2]


The Hoshi Family's Martial Way is a martial art in which teaches it's practitioners the deadly arts the old ways of martial arts, in which is to kill human beings.[3] However, the usage of the martial art by Akane☆Hoshi shows that it can be used non-lethally.[4]

From what is observed from Akane, a confirmed practitioner, the martial art seems to emphasize using the palms and chops to quickly incapacitate opponents, though shoulder attacks, kicks, and punches can be used. The martial art also seemingly revolves around taking down an opponenet as quickly as possible. This can be seen when in the anime, Akane quickly dispatches various Traitors in rapid succession and how he quickly subdued Anya Hepburn as she attempted to battle the more experienced fighter.[5]

Practitioners of the Old WaysEdit


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