There have been two popularity polls so far in Soul Eater. The first poll was taken around Chapter 53, and the second poll was taken at Chapter 100.

First Popularity Poll Edit


1st Place: Death The Kid

2nd Place: Black☆Star

3rd Place: Maka Albarn

4th Place: Soul Eater Evans

5th Place: Excalibur

6th Place: Death

7th Place: Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

8th Place: (Franken) Stein

9th Place: Crona

10th Place: Patty Thompson

11th Place: Spirit

12th Place: Medusa

13th Place: Liz Thompson

14th Place: Kirikou Rung (Kilik Rung)

15th Place: Blair

16th Place: Mifune

17th Place: Justin Law

18th Place: Marie Mjolnir, Free

20th Place: Giriko

21st Place: Sid and Harvar D. Éclair

23rd Place: Kim Diehl, Eruka, and Ox Ford

26th Place: Arachne

27th Place: Mosquito and Mira Naigus

29th Place: Hiro, Risa, Masamune Nakatsukasa, Ragnarok, Mizune(s), and the fairy from Excalibur's cave.

Second Popularity PollEdit


Second Official Popularity Poll

1st Place: Death the Kid

2nd Place: Maka Albarn

3rd Place: Soul Eater Evans

4th Place: Black☆Star

5th Place: Crona

6th Place: Excalibur

7th Place: Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

8th Place: Franken Stein

9th Place: Medusa Gorgon

10th Place: Death

11th Place: Justin Law

12th Place: Patty

13th Place: Kim Diehl

14th Place: Marie Mjolnir

15th Place: Liz

16th Place: Spirit

17th Place: Blair

18th Place: Hiro

19th Place: Ragnarok

20th Place: Asura

21st Place: Harvar D. Éclair

22nd Place: Ox Ford, Mifune, Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, Pot of Thunder, and Gopher.

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