This is a thread to discuss a possible OVA for the Soul Eater's spin-off, Soul Eater Not!. Soul Eater Not! currently has 12 episodes, so far there is no news for a second season or an OVA. Does the spin-off deserves at least an OVA? Do you feel as if it is unfinished? Imo, I thought it was a cliffhanger and some of our old favorite characters hasn't made their debut in the spin-off. If there was an OVA, who would you want to see? Would you like an OVA? Would you like another season for Soul Eater Not? Though, Soul Eater Not! is the polar-opposite version of our beloved original, it is still interesting to see what was happening before the events of the original SE. Personally, I believe Soul Eater Not! was a gift and a possibility of reviving the original? Another Japanese series, Fruit Baskets has been announced for a revival and, yaoi/shounen ai series, Junjou Romantica had finally made a third season this year, since two seasons were published in 2008. So, would there be a possibility that the original Soul Eater could have a second chance? Hopefully. In the meantime, Let's see if Soul Eater Not! can continue on.

That is all for me to share. I shall make updates in the near future. Please keep an eye on my comments, too.

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