Chapter 103 - Noah crushes Asura
Participants Noah (Wrath)
Table of Contents (Behind the scenes)
Location Moon
Outcome Noah succeeds in capturing Asura
Real World Data
Manga Involvement Chapter 103
Anime Involvement Other Involvement

Noah (Wrath) & Table of Contents vs Asura is a battle fought on the Moon after the destruction of the Clown Army.


Soul Eater Chapter 102 - Asura's Moon cavern

DWMA-CIA, Noah, and Gopher searching for the Kishin.

Having entered a war with the Clown Army, the DWMA has an peace treaty with the Witch Order. But due to the constant regeneration and re-creations of the Clown, Death the Kid convinces the Witch Order to help out the DWMA, using the properities of Soul Protect to cut off their regeneration from Asura's Madness Wavelength, killing them all. This leaves the Kishin out for grabs by not only the DWMA, but the Sorcerer Noah and Gopher, whom in which the former is led by the Table of Contents who intends to use "BREW" to use both the Book of Eibon and him together to birth a new Madness, and the approaching Crona and Ragnarok.[1]

Having tagged along with the likes of the members of DWMA's Central Intelligence Agency (Sid, Akane, and Clay), Noah and Gopher begrudgingly assist finding the Kishin. However, they end up caught in a Madness of Fear illusion. When Maka Albarn and Soul Eater use Soul Mediation to temporarily wipe away the illusion, they find the Kishin closer to them then originally anticipated.[2]


Chapter 104 - Noah summons an unknown Demon

Noah summoning a monster as Asura prepares a Shock Wave

Spotting the Kishin, the Sorcerer blasts his way towards the other on the Book of Eibon, claiming to have came all the way to the Moon to get him. As Asura swings his arms, his arm is caught by a monster inside the Book of Eibon. Despite this, he overpowers the monster with a Shock Wave, killing both it and injuring Noah, resulting him him missing an eye. Despite the injury, Noah notes the powerful opponents and states it only makes him want the Kishin more. Though his ally, Gopher, expresses concern, he replies with not wanting to hear any "whinin'" out of the Demon Tool Soldier. Summoning many Ants from the Book of Eibon, he sends then after Asura, who destroys them all. The Table of Contents then begins to activate "BREW", revealing it's true nature of absorbing and combining two things into one, singular entity.[3]

Chapter 103 - Noah and Asura battle

Noah in his new form and Asura battle.

Fused with an Ant and becoming more powerful as a result of the combination, Noah then goes on the offensive. Charging at the Kishin, he hits the Kishin upward from the mandibles, cauing him to crash through a wooden structure. He jumps in the air and stomps on him as he heads towards the ground, crushing the Kishin and kick up a lot of debris. From the debris, Asura's wrapping attempts to capture the Sorcerer, though the newly made rough body deflects his attempt and Noah captures Asura with his mandibles, proclaiming him to be his.[4]


Soul Eater Chapter 106 - Asura traps Crona

After fusing with Asura, Crona is later taken over.

Having succeeded in capturing his goal, Kishin Asura, the Table of Contents prepares to use "BREW" to fuse the Demon Tool with the Kishin Asura. However, as he pepares to do so, they're both interrupted by the likes of Crona and Ragnarok. Having snuck up on them, they use the Black Blood on both of them to fuse with all the parties involved. However, Noah is promptly spit out from Ragnarok upon completion of the coalescing, citing that he doesn't need the Sorcerer. This incapacitates him for the duration of the entire event on the Moon as well as caused a fusion with the Kishin and Crona, who gains the Kishin's power and Madness Wavelength. However, after a battle with members of Team Maka and Death Scythe, Asura later takes over Crona's body.[5]

Deathblows Used


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