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Noah is one of the more mysterious and engimatic antagonests within Soul Eater. Due to his status as a sorcerer, those like Mosquito and Kid generally find him untrustworthy and eventually find him avaracious. However, he's also regarded as a intimidating opponent.



At first, he was believed to be the character Eibon, but it is eventually revealed that he is in fact not the real Eibon, just a mysterious individual who has taken up Eibon's title because of the "brand recognition" it offers.

The Table of Contents

It is unkhown how the two interact but it is possible that The Table of Contents orders the Noahs around and has tasks to carry out.


It appears as though he and Arachne struck a deal with each other. Although not stated, it is possible that it was Noah who aided Arachne with her magical training. What Noah received in return for his service has yet to be revealed.


Though it is unknown when or how Gopher joined Noah's group, it is easy to notice that Gopher holds Noah in high regard, possibly making him Noah's most loyal inferior. Granted, Noah sometimes finds Gopher's respect for him far too high, to the point where he attacked Kid when he made a snide comment, which displeased Noah, as he wishes to keep his valuables at their utmost condition. Despite this, Noah also holds Gopher in high regard, as he trusted Gopher with the mission to assassinate Maka when Justin failed to do so.

The Table of Contents

The Book of Eibon's Index designed him to be Greed and collect brew for it.So basically The Table of Contents was responsible for Noah's actions



He and Mosquito are not on good terms. Mosquito hated him from the moment they first met and refers to him as a ghastly mage. When Arachne's body became lifeless, Mosquito accused Noah of harming Arachne, which escalated into a battle. This battle ended quickly, as Noah was able to easily kill Mosquito with one attack from his summoned creature. Noah would then take the last remains of Mosquito and seal it in his book.

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