A Ninja (忍者) is a covert individual specializing in espionage, stealth, and assassination.[1]


As mentioned previously, Ninjas are capable individuals in the art of assassination, espionage, and stealth. As assassins, they may be skilled in the fighting style known as "Art of Assassination" or simply possess assassination capability and are capable hand-to-hand combatants/martial artists. Other ninjas may posses a variety of other skills both offensive and support such as trap setting and medical prowess depending on the individual.[1]

Death Weapon Meister Academy is the only known organization that uses explicit ninjas within their ranks.[1]

List of known ninjas

Name Affiliation Status
Sid Barrett Death Weapon Meister Academy Active
Mira Naigus Death Weapon Meister Academy Active


  • Although not ninjas, certain characters carry a theme that resembles the likeness of the popular depiction of a ninja (i.e Black☆Star).


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