Nightmare Noise
Nightmare Noise
Technique Data
English Title Nightmare Noise
Romaji Naitomea Noizu
Katakana 夏夜ノ羽音
Alternate Title(s)
Type Projectile,
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 53
Anime Debut
Even if you are a Shinigami, in the are only a child...

Mosquito, Chapter 53

Nightmare Noise Attack

Nightmare Noise - Linear Variation

Nightmare Noise (夏夜ノ羽音 Naitomea Noizu in Japanese, literally translating into Buzz of a Summer's Night) can only be used by Mosquito whilst he is in his Form from 400 years ago. The attack itself launches a significant number of the bats that now compose his body, while still retaining his human form, at his opponent. The speed at which these bats obtain while sent and their sheer number, result in tearing and ripping the opponent apart as they make contact with the bats razor-like shape.

Due to the vast number of these bats Mosquito has in reserve, he has been seen to be able to alter the composition of this attack to either spread the various bats to assault the opponent from all sides, or to send them in a more concentrated straight line.

He uses this attack in the fight against Kid. As a Shinigami, Kid manages to survive one of these attacks despite being wounded, and later manages to block this dangerous attack using Death Arm Blocking.

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