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Nals Garnier

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Kishin Egg





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Classical Fencing



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Soul Eater: Monotone Princess

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Nals Garneir (ナルス・ガルニエ, Narusu Garnier) was formerly an actor who was badly scarred and as a result, covered his face in shame. He became a Kishin Egg as a result of becoming a killer, having made a habit of preying on beautiful women.[1]


Nals is an individual who regards personal beauty to be of upmost importance, being ashamed in his scarring and willing to risk himself becoming a Kishin in hopes to become beautiful once again.[1]


Nals has blue, medium length hair that covers the right side of his face, and brown eyes. There are belts that also decorate the hair on his face and wrap around it. There is also a belt which wraps around his left arm; this holds a blade in place. He wears a black suit, under which there is a white shirt.[1]


Special ArtEdit

Slash Projection: Originating from some sort of aura unique to Nals, Nals can create and project red slashes like that of projectiles. In addition, it can also be projected into his rapier for additional damage.[1]}}

Other Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nals vs DTK

Nals holds his own with Death the Kid.

Armed Martial Way Expertise: Nals is a formidable opponent with the use of his weapon of choice, a modified rapier. Combined with his fighting style, Slash Projection, and speed, he is at least formidable (to the player as a boss) and was able to hold his own Death the Kid for a short bout in their respective cut-scene.[1]

  • Classical Fencing: Nals's fighting style is seemingly that of fencing and is extremely proficient in this Martial Way, having gone up against Death the Kid's Death God Taijutsu and held his own for a short bout in their cut-scene battle.[1]

Enhanced Reflexes: Nals possess renowned reflexes and was shown during his fight with Death the Kid that he was not only able to block his incoming bullets from his wavelength but also see them fast enough to dodge them.[1]

Immense Speed: Nals has the speed to dodge shots from Death the Kid's bullets and moving fast enough to disappear from the naked eye.[1]

Special ItemsEdit

  • Belts: Having belts wrapped around his arm, he can use the belts as weapons, using them to latch onto opponents from a distance.[1]
  • Rapier: Nals's choice of weapon is a a custom rapier, used with his Fencing fighting style.[1]


Despite his formidable status, Nals wasn't a match for the player. In the cutscene with Death the Kid, it is shown that, while skilled, Death the Kid was the more superior fighter and as a result, he was killed.[1] As Gigant, he was especially formidable and in his cut-scene with Black☆Star held his own. However, he lost the battle due to the fact that a Soul Resonance technique is powerful enough to penetrate his armor.[1]


Earlier HistoryEdit

Monotone PrincessEdit


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