Nakatsukasa Clan
Nakatsukasa Clan
English Title Nakatsukasa Clan
Romaji Nakatsukasa no Kuran
Katakana 中務のクラン
Alternate Title(s) Nakatsukasa Family
Head Sanjuro Nakatsukasa
Base of Operations Japan[1]
Status Active
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 7
Anime Debut Episode 9

The Nakatsukasa Clan (中務のクラン, Nakatsukasa no Kuran), also called the Nakatsukasa Family, is an ancient special weapon clan in which is notable for the fact that one of its members inherits all the weapon transformations of their ancestors.[2]


The Nakatsukasa Clan was formed around the time the Demon Weapons were first created. The clan is unique from the fact they are direct descendants of demon weapons created by Arachne herself.[3]


Nakatsukasa family members inherit weapon abilities from former members of the clan through the generations of the family's existence. Weapons such as the Shuriken, Ninjatō, and smoke bomb transformations to name a few. In the Nakatsukasa Clan, the first born, known as the "apprentice," acquires the majority of their generation's weapon abilities, as has been longstanding tradition.

All of the clan's weapon powers have a distinct Japanese theme to them. For example, the Uncanny Sword is a Japanese weapon, the Katana. Among these, there are also weapons derived from popular Japanese culture like ninjas, shurikens being a prime example. Other weapons such as Tsubaki's Kusarigama come from the Muromaci era of Japan, set during the 1300s to 1400s during the era of warring states.


Tsubaki is unique in that she inherited the entirety of the family's weapon heritage, thereby having the ability to transform into all of the clan's weapon forms, which comprise of a kusarigama, a smoke bomb, a five-pointed giant ninja star, and a short ninja blade the size of a katana. Masamune, despite being the older sibling, only gained the Uncanny Sword form and thus envied Tsubaki for the abilities she had been granted.

Members of the Nakatsukasa Clan

Name Rank Status
Sanjuro NakatsukasaHeadActive
Tsubaki's MotherUnknownActive
Tsubaki NakatsukasaMemberActive
The Will of NakatsukasaUnknownActive
Masamune NakatsukasaMemberDeceased


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