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Usher concludes the entire Soul Eater series with calligraphy by members of Soul Eater NOT! anime crew, but struggles to come up with final words.

NOT GAIDEN 5 is the fifth Soul Eater GAIDEN NOT! short story, serving as the final NOT! GAIDEN, the last Soul Eater GAIDEN, and, aside from some of Atsushi Ōkubo's illustrations, the last edition of any printed material in the Soul Eater franchise. It first appeared in Volume 5 of the manga Soul Eater NOT!

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The title of the final issue of the Soul Eater NOT! GAIDEN is written by Chiaki Omigawa (the Japanese voice of Maka Albarn), Kaori Nazuka (the Japanese voice of Tsubaki Nakatsukasa), Haruka Chisuga (the Japanese voice of Tsugumi Harudori), Mamoru Miyano (the Japanese voice of Death the Kid), and Masakazu Hashimoto (director of the Soul Eater NOT! anime).

At the AtsushiYa store, Usher announces this is the end of both Soul Eater NOT! and the entire Soul Eater series. Usher is surprised the bearlike being and the Sasa-Waffle do not address the readers and ask why they are silent. The bearlike being is surprised that, after their discussion in the previous issue of the NOT! GAIDEN, Usher did not fulfill his promise and actually write the title with his anus. Usher responds that getting the crew of Soul Eater to write the title is "a better lineup than my ass." The Sasa-Waffle demands Usher apologize to the crew for that remark. Usher claims he never asked the crew to write the title--and the bearlike being criticizes him for that obvious lie.

Usher ignores the criticism because, as this is the finale, he just "need[s] to do is say a bunch of nice crap, and people will eat it up." The bearlike being accuses Usher of not taking this finale seriously, so Usher tells readers that, while they may hate him, he asks that they not hate Soul Eater. The bearlike being claims this line is "old" and not suitable to Usher. Usher then tries saying that " Soul Eater is forever immortal!!" The Sasa-Waffle says that line is "nice" but still outdated. Usher then shouts, "I just want to be an ordinary girl again!!" The bearlike being notices how nonsensical that line is and says they are through with Usher.

Usher finally says he has reached the limit of his stamina. While Usher collapses, and a skull-shape bit of smoke departs his shop, the words "The End" appear on the shop as the bearlike being and the Sasa-Waffle shut down the shop and depart.


  • Because calligraphy requires much practice, Japanese media companies often commission established calligraphers to provide title logos, and such art is considered so important that the calligrapher's name is printed below their title.[1]
  • The title of the final issue of the Soul Eater NOT! GAIDEN is written by, among others, Chiaki Omigawa (the Japanese voice of Maka Albarn) and Kaori Nazuka (the Japanese voice of Tsubaki Nakatsukasa). Omigawa appeared in numerous issues of the Soul Eater GAIDEN (drawn by Atsushi Ōkubo as a kappa). Nazuka provided to Episode 34 of the Late Show iteration of Soul Eater her own artwork "Excalibur's Last Supper?" which features a parody of Leonardo da Vinci's late fifteenth-century mural The Last Supper, with Excalibur in the place of Jesus, and various characters substituting for the Prophets.
  • Usher's final lines allude to famous last words, and as with other musical allusions in Soul Eater, many allude to singers:
    • "You can hate me..." alludes to Atsuko Maeda, singer and the lead of idol group AKB48 for numerous years. In 2012, she announced she was graduating to a solo career and said, "You can hate me, but please don't hate AKB."[2]
    • "Forever immortal" comes from the retirement speech of baseball player Shigeo Nagashima, lifetime member of the Yomiuri Giants, Japan's most successful team. In his 17-year career, the Giant won eleven league championships. He concluded his speech with, "My Giants are forever immortal."[2]
    • "Ordinary girl" is the sign-off line by pop idol group the Candies in the 1970s.[2]
    • "The limit of my stamina" alludes to the retirement statement by Chiyonofuji, one of the most successful sumo wrestlers. As he was lighter and more compact than most top wrestlers, his nickname was "the Little Yokozuna," "yokozuna" referring to the highest rank in professional sumo wrestling.[2]


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