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Usher explains that he has drawn each title page with a different part of his body--and has run out.

NOT GAIDEN 4 is the fourth Soul Eater GAIDEN NOT! short story. It first appeared in Volume 4 of the manga Soul Eater NOT!

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At the AtsushiYa store, Usher begins by noticing that Volume 4 of Soul Eater NOT! came out more quickly after Volume 3 after the delay after Volume 2. He then says that Volume 5 is the last one, so he hopes visitors will return to the store one more time.

Usher then complains that the bearlike being and the Sasa-Waffle are not welcoming the readers. The bearlike being, who is reading Volume 2, notice the GAIDEN title at the top of the page and ask whether he draws it himself. He says he does, as he has no one else to do so. He then explains that he experiments with each issue of the NOT! GAIDEN, trying to write with a different part of his body. The Sasa-Waffle opens Volume 1 to see that Usher wrote with his dominant hand, his right. The bearlike being says Volume 2 was written with his left hand, and Volume 3 with his foot--that one being the most difficult for Usher. And in this volume, he wrote the title with his mouth.

The Sasa-Waffle asks how Usher will draw the title to Volume 5, the bearlike being adding that Usher has run out of body parts with which to hold a pen. Usher says he could use his anus--which disturbs the bearlike being, as it is inappropriate to use his backside to write the title not only to the last volume of Soul Eater NOT! but also the last Soul Eater production series. Usher thinks the bearlike being is claiming his "ass isn't tight enough to close the deal!"

The announcer asks readers to return to the next volume for the final installment.


  • Because calligraphy requires much practice, Japanese media companies often commission established calligraphers to provide title logos, and such art is considered so important that the calligrapher's name is printed below their title.[1]


  1. Soul Eater NOT! Manga: Volume 5

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