Template:Organization (DWMA) The Normally Overcome Target Class (also called NOT) is one of the two curriculum within Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1] The majority of the academy consist of the students under this curriculum.[2]


The N.O.T. Class the curriculum for non-combatants. Ninety percent of the students in the DWMA make up and follow this curriculum.[2] Akane☆Hoshi speculates that many students (particularly Meisters) whom are in this curriculum come for career opportunities though he mentions he cannot be for certain, as all Meister will have different reasons.[3]


The N.O.T. Class doesn't seem to follow any unique ranking systems and follows a more ordinary school curriculum of freshmen to senior.



Among other courses is Gym, in which focuses on enhancing the physicality of an individual. It is more intense than that of a regular gym.[4][5]

Other Courses

Many other classes are taught in such as:

  • Science[6]
  • History
  • Study Hall
  • Social Studies[7]
  • An unknown class subject pertaining to Meisters.
  • Unknown class subject pertaining to Demon Weapons


Athletics Test

Main article: Athletics Test The Athletic Test is a test of an individual's physical fitness and is much more intense then that of normal athletics tests.[5] Both the EAT and NOT Students take this test.

Special Occurrences

Death Festival

Main article: Death Festival The Death Festival (also known as the Battle Festival, Shibusai) is a annual tournament held ever year on October 31 (Halloween). It is the biggest and most popular event of the year. Only E.A.T Students participate in the Death Festival, however. Most N.O.T. students still attend the event to show support, dressing up and trick-or-treat during the event.

N.O.T. Class Students

Name Classification Rank
Tsugumi HarudoriDemon WeaponFreshmen
Anya HepburnMeisterFreshmen
Meme TataneMeisterFreshmen
Eternal FeatherDemon WeaponSenior
RaidDemon WeaponFreshmen
Kana AltairUnknownUnknown
AaronDemon WeaponFreshmen
Ao HoshinoMeisterFreshmen

Top Ranking N.O.T. Students

Name Rank Category Status
Meme TataneTop in the Female Category[8]PhysicalActive
Anya HepburnTop in the New Female Student Category[8]PhysicalActive
Clay Sizemore (Formerly)Top 2 in N.O.T Class (#2)[9]PhysicalActive
Akane☆Hoshi (Formerly)Top 2 in N.O.T Class (#1)[9]PhysicalActive


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