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Episode 28 - Mifune performing Multiplication
Multiplication Mode








Derived Ability

Infinite One-Sword Style



Debut Data
Manga Debut

Chapter 28

Anime Debut

Episode 28

Multiplication Mode (乗法, Jōhō) is a powerful attack of the Infinite One-Sword Style, being a following up of the attack, Addition Mode.[1]


Immediately following the use of Addition Mode, whilst all twelve swords still remain momentarily attached to the opponent, the user proceeds to strike the entirety of the surrounding blades again in quick succession, with the final devastating blow dislodging the weapons so that they land in a circular formation around the target. This results in doubling the damage that was already previously inflicted on the victim, as each of the twelve swords slices into their flesh once again. As the total twenty-four strikes are received within such an incredibly short period, little to no opportunity exists for the enemy to mount a counter attack.[2]

At the conclusion of the technique, the user can announce aloud the number of the accumulated strikes, as follows: "Twenty-Four Swords" (二十四本, Nijūyonhon).


  • The '本' used when Mifune announces the number of strikes, is actually a counter for long, somewhat cylindrical objects like pencils and — in this case — swords. So literally, Mifune would be interpreted as saying "twenty-four cylindrical objects". However, given the context, the translation of 'sword' is used instead.


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