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Arachnophobia and Other Allies

Arachne Gorgon

Mosquito is fiercely loyal to Arachne and deeply regrets leaving her alone after her supposed death. He has been with Arachne for over 800 years and has patiently waited for her return. In fact, he cries out of presumably joy when he intoduces Arachnophobia to a newly-awoken Arachne after her eight-hundred-year-long slumber.

During their displayed time together, Mosquito, in his duty as butler and steward, often caters to Arachne's every whim and desire. He makes sure that he gets the finest resources for Arachne.[1][2] He takes protecting her as first priority over everything and can be be easily annoyed by people who ignore her safety.

In the anime, when Asura kills Arachne, Mosquito is filled with sorrow over the death of his mistress.


Giriko ready to fight Mosquito

Giriko ready to fight Mosquito once again

They don't often see eye to eye with each other and are relatively prone to fighting amongst themselves, due to the contrasting ways of the two's individual mannerisms. Mosquito is a rather refined character, holding etiquette and loyalty in the highest regard, which is in stark opposition to Giriko's own apparent irresponsible attitude. Mosquito always calls Giriko names rather than using his real name, such as filthy saw boy[3] and vulgar, delinquent philistine.[4]


Mosquito seems to enjoy taunting Mifune about Angela; for example, he holds her hand during the former's battle with Black☆Star. He does, however, seem to take pride of his abilities, commentating on them during the aforementioned fight.

Angela Leon

Mosquito seems to like Angela, despite using her as a taunt towards Mifune. He refers to her as 'Angela-sama'[5], and she seems to like him back, as she calls him 'Grampa Mosquie'.[6] This implies that Mosquito is good with Angela, or at least has manipulated her effectively.



Chapter 55 - Mosquito and 'Eibon' prepare to face off.

Mosquito and Noah face off

He and Mosquito have never been on good terms with each other, to such an extent that Mosquito has hated him from the moment they first met, constantly referring to him as nothing more than a "ghastly mage".

Death the Kid

Chapter 52 - Kid gains the upperhand with Mosquito in close combat.

Kid attacks Mosquito

Due to his affiliation with Arachnophobia and loyalty to Arachne, Mosquito has utter dislike towards Kid. In the manga, as they battle, Mosquito showed brutality to Kid as he gained the upperhand in their battle. He also went as far as to insult his father in front of him and called him a child on account of his age and incomplete Sanzu Lines. In turn, Kid dislikes him to the point he calls him a "Bloodsucker".


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