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"What separates me from the likes of you is history, my boy! Eight hundred years....and wha has the shinigami been doing all this time? Babysitting a pile of snot-nosed brats in that DWNA "School" of yours. [You stand there and insult my father?] Arachnophobia's momentum is already too great for even the meddling shinigami to contain. The Madness of the Kishin is fast reaching it's climax...and the world has changed. Up to now, the world's security efforts have bee manned entirely by graduates of the DWMA....but Arachnophobia has already begun the task of eating away at that setup. It is the nature of human souls—just a nudge in the right direction, and they fall right into the trap. Now, it's only a matter of time before Arachnophobia supplants DWMA as Masters of all the world."

— Mosquito and Kid (Yen Press Translation)[1]

Anime  Manga
Mosquito Render

Mosquito as he appears in the Soul Eater series.

Name Mosquito
Alias/Nicknames Gramps
Personal Data
Gender Male
Age Over 800 Years Old
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White (formerly black)
Race Vampire
Classification Monster
Kishin Soul Kishin Egg (Soul Eater anime only)
Status Alive (Anime)
Deceased (Manga)
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Arachnophobia's Logo RenderArachnophobia
Occupation(s) Butler
Second-In-Command of Arachnophobia
Teams/Group N/A
Real World Data
Voice Actor(s)/Seiyu N/A
Manga Debut Soul Eater Icon :Chapter 26
Anime Debut Soul Eater Icon :Episode 27
Series Appears in - Soul Eater
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Mosquito (モスキート, Mosukīto), also known as Gramps to some characters, is Arachne's loyal and powerful vampire butler and also seems to serve as Arachnophobia's second in command.


Though much of his history is unknown, he met Arachne at some point 800 years ago. He assisted her as a butler until her "demise" at the hands of Death. After that, he spent eight hundred years expanding her network and waited for her revival.[2][3]


Mosquito is a very neat and formal person. He always presents himself very upright and respectfully, showing a mastered knowledge of manners and use of extensive vocabulary and proper speech. His personality adopts that of a trained butler's, to which he always presents himself when with his mistress, Arachne. He knows his place in all situations and is never driven to any form of misbehavior. In casual situations, Mosquito still retains a calm and formal demeanor, showing little to no emotion in his expression or tone of voice.

In his manner of treating others, Mosquito's personality and demeanor naturally changes dependent on the person's alignment and respect given to Mosquito himself, along with his own personal view of what level of status that person is. Upon a person who shows him respect, or at least common politeness, (in addition to an alignment with Arachnophobia) Mosquito usually presents himself by his usual calm and emotionless demeanor. If this person is of lower status to Mosquito, he will treat them with a reasonable inclination that he is their superior, while still giving them general respect as an ally. To a person of higher status than Mosquito, his level of courtesy grows substantially towards the individual, and presents himself as if he is at service to them at all times.

However, upon an individual who does not present Mosquito with any form of respect, manners, or mutual alignment, Mosquito is very easily annoyed. He does not try to counter the disrespect with even more disrespect, but openly shows that he is becoming angry by informing the person that if he or she continues to anger him that he will engage in a battle they do not want to enter.

Mosquito is very passionate about being a head of Arachnophobia, and often motivates other members to serve with honor and passion just as he does. Many Arachnophobia members lean on Mosquito because of this, demonstrated during the battle for Brew, when Mosquito was able to make an Arachnophobia army cheer with passion twice, just by saying a few short sentences. Unlike Giriko and Arachne, He does actually consider the safety of those who fight for Arachnophobia.[4] , though depending on the circumstances, he's not above using them (In one instance was him using a Researcher to heal himself. Another in the anime when Arachne ordered him to utilize the Madness Cannon in Arachnophobia. He showed some displeasure in resorting to such methods)

Mosquito is often pleasured by the progress of missions or research projects involving Arachnophobia. He also takes great enjoyment in Arachne's happiness the most. He will usually put everything on the line to accomplish missions or please her, which includes his own life. He becomes exponentially nervous when he has to be the barer of bad news about an ultimate failure in a mission or project, specifically because he must voice such unfortunate news directly to Arachne. He also becomes equally nervous when such failures are because of his own doing, however, he is very straight forward and admitting when explaining the failure, immediately addressing himself as the culprit in addition to insulting himself in the process.

He is very serious when it comes to enemies of Arachnophobia, especially personal enemies of Arachne. He takes no prisoners, and, if given prior permission, will result to end the life of any opponent or enemy of Arachnophobia. He takes particular hatred to Death Weapon Meister Academy, and shows no mercy when put in a situation where he has to deal with Academy students or agents. Towards more personal rivals of Arachne herself, he takes great caution in containing his immediate will to kill if given the order, such as when Medusa visited Baba Yaga Castle unwelcome. While in this state of containment, Mosquito will usually be seen with a fierce expression towards the individual which openly illustrates his acknowledgement of the individual being a foe.

Though he does have an honorable side to him. In the Battle for BREW in the Manga, the group was unable to defeat Mosquito due to his advantages in transformation to be able to say into the magnetic field. He explained that while their effort is futile, it was brave for them to try and he was willing to let them go, knowing that they weren't going to be able to defeat him due to his power, him having "Brew" and the magnetic field.[5]

In battle, Mosquito reveals his inner darkness and intense temper, becoming very aggressive and frighteningly cruel.


His appearance is that of a short old man, with a height similar to that of a young child, with a large pointy nose and gray hair and mustache. He wears a classic wardrobe; consisting of a formal black suit and white shirt, completed with a black bow tie and a relatively large black top hat.  

During the operation to capture the demon tool Brew, he chooses to adopt only the addition of a trench coat, to shield his body from the significantly cold temperature found at that location.

Mosquito's soul is largely bright pink in color, with three dark black extensions, seemingly representing a mosquito's nose and wings.


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  • Many of Mosquito's characteristics and abilities are likely based on the character "The Fear Robot", and the symbols associated with it, in Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi.
Frieza and Mosquito comparison

Mosquito shares some similarities to the character, Frieza, from Dragon Ball Z

  • Mosqutio also shares similarities in terms of his transformations with the Dragon Ball Z villain, Frieza. His intiial form is small and puny, just like Frieza's first form. His form from 100 years ago is a larger version of his intital form. His form from 200 years ago appears much more gruesome but focuses a lot on speed, much like Frieza's thrid form is. His form from 400 years ago is generally precieved as "boring" and less intimidating according to Liz, similar to how Krillin precieved Frieza as a more harmless being in his final form. 
  • Mosquito's death is also somewhat ironic in the fact that he dies while transforming. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku lets Freiza transform and as a result, has more difficulty putting down his opponent. Both Mosquito's power and Frieza's power were percieved as nightmarish from their respective franchises.
  • Mosquito seems to be aware of some information on the Eight Powerful Warriors. He was able to tell Death the Kid was Shinigami by recognizing the Sanzu Lines, something that's was only known to the Staff and Death at the most in Shibusen. This hints he has either seen Death's human form or Asura If he possessed Sanzu Lines at some point. He also knew Noah was falsely impersonating Eibon.
  • Characters such as Angela, Jackie, and Kim often call him "Gramps" or Grandpa.

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