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Mosquito (Anime) Profile
Name Mosquito
Romaji Mosukīto
Katakana モスキート
Alias(es) Grampa Mosquie (by Angela Leon)[1]
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Male
Age over 800+
Race/Species Bloodsucker[2]
Type of Soul Monster[3]
Classification Human Soul Human (Anime Only)[4]
Status Deceased (manga)

Inactive (Anime)

Weapon Form(s)
Meister Type(s)
Fighting Style
Powers Transformation
Professional Data
Former Occupation(s) Steward
Former Affiliation(s) Arachnophobia's Logo RenderArachnophobia
Place of Origin
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 26
Anime Debut(s) Episode 27
Game Debut(s)

Mosquito (モスキート, Mosukīto) was a immensely powerful and loyal Bloodsucker who was Arachne Gorgon's steward[5] as well as Arachnophobia's top henchmen.[6][7]


Mosquito is a very neat and formal person. He always presents himself very upright and respectfully, showing a mastered knowledge of manners and use of extensive vocabulary and proper speech. His personality adopts that of a trained butler's, to which he always presents himself when with his mistress, Arachne. He knows his place in all situations and is never driven to any form of misbehavior. In casual situations, Mosquito still retains a calm and formal demeanor, showing little to no emotion in his expression or tone of voice.

In his manner of treating others, Mosquito's personality and demeanor naturally changes dependent on the person's alignment and respect given to Mosquito himself, along with his own personal view of what level of status that person is. Upon a person who shows him respect, or at least common politeness, (in addition to an alignment with Arachnophobia) Mosquito usually presents himself by his usual calm and emotionless demeanor. If this person is of lower status to Mosquito, he will treat them with a reasonable inclination that he is their superior, while still giving them general respect as an ally. To a person of higher status than Mosquito, his level of courtesy grows substantially towards the individual, and presents himself as if he is at service to them at all times.

However, upon an individual who does not present Mosquito with any form of respect, manners, or mutual alignment, Mosquito is very easily annoyed. He does not try to counter the disrespect with even more disrespect, but openly shows that he is becoming angry by informing the person that if he or she continues to anger him that he will engage in a battle they do not want to enter.

Mosquito is very passionate about being a head of Arachnophobia, and often motivates other members to serve with honor and passion just as he does. Many Arachnophobia members lean on Mosquito because of this, demonstrated during the battle for Brew, when Mosquito was able to make an Arachnophobia army cheer with passion twice, just by saying a few short sentences. Unlike Giriko and Arachne, He does actually consider the safety of those who fight for Arachnophobia,[8] though, depending on the circumstances, he's not above using them; one instance was him using a Researcher to heal himself. Another, in the anime, was when Arachne ordered him to utilize the Madness Cannon in Arachnophobia. He showed some displeasure in resorting to such methods.

Mosquito is often pleasured by the progress of missions or research projects involving Arachnophobia. He also takes great enjoyment in Arachne's happiness the most. He will usually put everything on the line to accomplish missions or please her, which includes his own life. He becomes exponentially nervous when he has to be the bearer of bad news about an ultimate failure in a mission or project, specifically because he must voice such unfortunate news directly to Arachne. He also becomes equally nervous when such failures are because of his own doing; however, he is very straight forward and admitting when explaining the failure, immediately addressing himself as the culprit in addition to insulting himself in the process.

He is very serious when it comes to enemies of Arachnophobia, especially personal enemies of Arachne. He takes no prisoners, and, if given prior permission, will result to end the life of any opponent or enemy of Arachnophobia. He takes particular hatred to Death Weapon Meister Academy, and shows no mercy when put in a situation where he has to deal with Academy students or agents. Towards more personal rivals of Arachne herself, he takes great caution in containing his immediate will to kill if given the order, such as when Medusa visited Baba Yaga Castle unwelcome. While in this state of containment, Mosquito will usually be seen with a fierce expression towards the individual which openly illustrates his acknowledgement of them being a foe.

Saying this, he does have an honorable side to him. In the Battle for BREW in the Manga, the group was unable to defeat Mosquito due to his advantages in transformation to be able to say into the magnetic field. He explained that while their effort is futile, it was brave for them to try and he was willing to let them go, knowing that they weren't going to be able to defeat him due to his power, him having "Brew" and the magnetic field.[9]

In battle, Mosquito reveals his inner darkness and intense temper, becoming very aggressive and frighteningly cruel.

Mosquito has a quirk of saying "my boy" or "my girl" during conversation when speaking to those younger then him.[10][11]


His appearance is that of a short old man, with a height similar to that of a young child, with a large pointy nose, red eyes, gray hair and a mustache. He wears a classic wardrobe; consisting of a formal black suit and white shirt, completed with a black bow tie and a relatively large black top hat.[4] During the operation to capture the demon tool Brew, he chooses to adopt only the addition of a trench coat, to shield his body from the significantly cold temperature found at that location.[12] In addition, Mosquito's soul is largely bright pink in color, with three dark black extensions, seemingly representing a mosquito's nose and wings.[12]


Note: The following sections only the expand various abilities of Mosquito in his initial form.

Special Arts

Transformation (変身, Henshin): Mosquito has the special ability of transforming his body. However, his transformations revolve around him reverting himself in age, allowing him to becoming younger and utilize their unique properties and abilities within a given form.[13]

Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī kanchi):Mosquito possess the ability to sense the soul of others beings.[14] (Anime Only)

Special Forms

Mosquito's form from 100 years ago (Anime)

Mosquito's 100 Years Ago form.

100 Years Ago (100年前, 100 Nen mae): Being technically the weakest form at his disposal, this form changes his entire appearance, the muscles in Mosquito's upper body enlarge significantly, giving him the appearance of a huge spherical torso with giant muscular arms. He walks on his knuckles like a gorilla and all of his strength and maneuverability relies on his arms. However, one of the advantages is the Muscle Curtain he gains, a powerful defense only penetrated by the likes of a Chain Resonance and Magic. This form enabled him to hold his own with some of the DWMA's top students.[15]

Soul Eater Chapter 52 - Mosquito 200 Year Form

Mosquito's 200 Years Ago form.

200 Years Ago (200年前, 200 Nen mae): Another transformation, this form makes him look more insect-like rather than human. His arms grow long and thin, tipped with large hands with long fingers. His legs take on a more animal-like structure, heavily muscled but ending in small slim points, with the toes touching the ground and having a longer nose. Mosquito claims this form to be him at his fastest along with having the "finest nose". This form was used against the likes of Death the Kid and Free, holding his own with the both of them.[16]

Mosquito (400 Years) Full Body

400 Years Ago form.

400 Years Ago (400年前, 400 Nen mae):In this form, Mosquito takes the appearance of a handsome, tanned skinned young man with neatly combed and slick, black hair. Like his previous forms, he still retains his butler appearance, wearing a well fitting, highly formalized and entirely black suit, accented by a traditional white cravat encircling his neck. He also adopts a vampire-like motif when in this form, constantly surrounded by bats which made up his own body. According to his own statements, he is comprised of over 8,000 Bats and is able to manipulate them as well as Ultrasonic Waves. This form has enabled him to fight both Free and Death the Kid at the same time, with speeds surpassing both of those (before the latter connected one of his Lines of Sanzu.[17]

800 Years Ago (800年前, 800 Nen mae):From what is briefly observed of this form; his nose extends in length and his pupils multiply, to resemble the eyes of an insect. It appears that the form would also seemingly adopt the same formal black clothing present throughout the entirity of his other transformations, as demonstrated by the formation of black surounding his body. Statements from Giriko suggest he was far larger in this form. This form was stated by Mosquito to be the form in which he was at his most powerful, though was cut short when the Sorcerer, Noah (Greed), attacked him during transformation.[18]

Other Skills and Abilities

Three Stinger

Three Piece Police Stinger

Nose Stinger: Mosquito's abilities in his initial form include that of using his nose as a stinger akin to that of his namesake. He can alter it's size and even it's shape. Like that of a mosquito's stinger, he can use it to siphon blood from an individual even, true to his nature as a Bloodsucker.[19]

Unorthodox Physiology: Presumably due to his eccentric and odd physiology as a Bloodsucker, this allows Mosquito to achieve a number of abilities. As a Bloodsucker, he is known to siphon blood to heal from his injuries, as shown when he drained the blood of a Arachnophobia scientist after losing a arm and was able recover.[20] He even has been shown to be incredibly flexible and able to survive even the most gravely of injuries, such as even beheading himself in the anime to escape being hit from the Demon-Hunt.[21]

Flight: Because of his physiology, In the anime, he is able to achieve flight by rotating his entire body like that of a rotor.[22]

Immense Power: Despite his old age and appearance, Mosquito was the most powerful of Arachnophobia's henchmen,[7] with Patty even commenting in Death the Kid's difficulty in dealing with him.[23] During the battle on Lost Island, Death the Kid himself admitted that without the Maka and Black☆Star's assistance that he couldn't win against him.[24] In addition, his power was held in high regard by both Death the Kid (an immature God of Death at the time) himself[25] and Noah (Greed).[26]

Piloting: Mosquito possess impressive skill in using Baba Yaga Castle Spider Robot against the Death City Robot.[27]


During transformation, Mosquito leaves himself open for attack. When he was about to transform into his Form from 800 years ago, he was stopped by Noah (Greed) mid transformation.[28] Oddly enough however, he is able to bypass this weakness and has been seen transforming to his Form from 100 years ago quickly while in his initial form.[29]


Nose Stinger Techniques
  • Police Stinger: Mosquito's most basic move. Using his nose, he extends it to a mid-range stinger, then subsequently pierces the enemy with it, draining their blood from his nose in the manner of the creature of his namesake.
  • Three-Piece Police Stinger:A more advanced form of Mosquito's Police Stinger. He begins this attack by firstly splitting his stinger into three separate stingers. These then begin to spin the stingers at a very rapid rate, before he subsequently charges towards the opponent.


Experimenting School

Mosquito makes his first appearance patiently awaiting Arachne's return, after her recent revival, attending to her immediate needs with the most luxurious limousine and champagne of the best vintage. When Giriko unceremoniously cuts the cars roof off; Mosquito angrily replies "you common, value-ignorant delinquent", but with a single word from Arachne, he quickly concludes the matter and proceeds to their destination.

After much travel, the group finally arrive at Baba Yaga's Castle, where Mosquito with tears in his eyes announces the triumphant demonstration of the "network" they've spent the last 800 years expanding.


As Arachne's most trusted operative, Mosquito is charged with overseeing the development of the Moral Manipulation Machine, which is currently nearing its completion within a concealed location. At this distant construction facility; Mosquito receives a detailed description upon the present status of the machine, before proceeding to ask a rather sullen Mifune if he would not consider dropping that little witch to instead become his bodyguard.

During this time; DWMA launch a planned infiltration upon the laboratory using the combined assistance of Sid Barrett, Mira Naigus and Yumi Azusa. While Sid and Mira partake in direct action, Yumi observes from behind the scenes, noting the presence of an aging monster's soul (belonging to Mosquito) within the target room. As she relays this information, the facility's alarms are suddenly triggered, provoking Mosquito to attend to the matter personally by offering a gracious welcome to the enraged intruder, Black☆Star. When Mifune seems reluctant to confront the perceived child standing before him, Mosquito simply questions "what's the matter" and takes hold of Angela's hand with an elated sneer.

As the battle rages on between intruder and bodyguard, Mosquito warns Mifune that he won't forgive him if he goes it easy, which further elicits an even fiercer round of fighting. At the confrontations conclusion, Mosquito urges Mifune to finish his opponent, threatening that Arachnophobia will no longer provide protection for Angela. However, the issue is never resolved due to the disappearance of Mosquito's entire left arm and torso, as a single shot tears through his body. In desperation, he drains the blood of a fleeing scientist and takes his leave.


After the destruction of the Moral Manipulation Machine and with Mosquito's apologetic return, Giriko insults him by calling his judgment on the situation of whether their soldiers are fit meaningless, as he himself isn't fit. A small confrontation ensues, where each trades offenses at the other, provoking Mosquito into launching numerous attacks. However; just as Giriko proposes that he take a commemorative photo after cutting Mosquito up into little bits, when Mosquito threatens to go back to his form from 800 years ago, a messenger bursts in. Thus, bringing the battle to a sudden conclusion.

Reunion Express

Mosquito is in attendance during Medusa's visit to her sister Arachne but he does very little, that is until she turns to leave, where she finds herself immediately surrounded by the imposing forms of Mosquito, Giriko and Mifune. A conflict appears inevitable, yet Arachne strangely allows her sister to leave without incident.

Brew Tempest

Mosquito, sent by Arachne, appeared on the "Lost Island" to locate and take Brew, before DWMA. While retreating, Maka and the others meet Mosquito, who claims to have "Brew" in his possession. The group initially assume they have the advantage because of their extended time limit but after Mosquito reverts his body to a stronger form from 100 years ago, the team is easily overpowered by him. This is until Soul convinces his companions to leave the task of linking their Soul Resonance to him. After this power-up, the group manages to deal a crushing defeat to Mosquito and leave him wounded. However; during their period battling, their time on the island had significantly decreased, to such an extent that retreat was the only option. Mosquito comments that he can increase his time by reverting again back to a younger age.

Knowing they can no longer stay on the island, Mosquito honorably allows them to escape. In the end, DWMA's mission fails. However; it turns out that the "Brew" Mosquito had acquired, had seemingly succumbed to the devastating energies subjected to it due to its location and had ceased to function.


Mosquito was ordered by Arachne to capture Kim and her weapon partner Jacqueline.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

He only returns when the DWMA students successful invade Arachnophobia, where thanks to the kids' disguises, results in Mosquito playing chess against Ox Ford.

At some point later, after the discovery of the infiltration, Mosquito meets with both Kid and Free in tower 8. The two of them agree to work together (though both are reluctant to do so) in order to defeat Mosquito, while taking the chance to simultaneously destroy the Lock. Mosquito then transforms into his form from 100 years ago, the time when he was it his physical peak, and proceeds to engage in battle.

For the first half of the battle, Kid and Free have the upper hand, with Free dealing a tremendous blow to Mosquito with his Ice Magic. Annoyed, Mosquito transforms once again into his form from 200 years ago, the time when he was at his fastest. Due to the speed of this new form, he quickly gains the advantage over the pair. However, Free counterattacks by slamming him through into a solid wall. The three of them crash to the ground below, there Mosquito tries to attack Kid but Kid dodges both of his attacks and counterattacks. Free then uses his Ice Pillar attack to limit Mosquito's movements. Mosquito, realizing the futility of battling them, tries to draw back but is trapped by Free's Ice Bind and is subsequently shot by Kid. Free then traps him once again in A Vasili. With Mosquito trapped, Free transforms in to his werewolf form and charges Demon Eye Cannon and Kid prepares his Death Cannon. Both fire their attacks simultaneously, seemingly defeating Mosquito.

Mosquito, still alive, is greatly surprised that Free and Kid both managed to damage him to this degree. So, he transforms once again, into his form from 400 years ago, healing all his previous injuries. Mosquito, now confident, questions whether or not these two would last more than 4 seconds. Then, within an instant, he cuts both Free in half from the waist and severs Kid's arm in mere moments, before reflecting that they couldn't even last 1 second.

Unfinished with his job, Mosquito grabs Kid by the head and lifts him from the floor. He notes that the "Lines of Sanzu" on Kid are incomplete and uses Nightmare Noise to inflict further damage on the injured Kid. Liz begs Free to help Kid, saying he will die, however, Free is too injured to do so. Mosquito then insults Shinigami by stating that His supervision is not enough to keep Arachnophobia in check and that the world filled by the madness of the Kishin is a different place, where Arachnophobia will ultimately take DWMA's place as masters of the world. Kid then proclaims that he will not let that happen. It is then that the real Brew actives and merges with Kid, completing one of the three Sanzu Lines. During Kid's powers awakening, Kid's arm is reattached through what appears to be shadow skulls. On the other side of the room, Free begins to stand on his hands and appears to be moving, confusing Mosquito. However, Kid realizes what is going on and prepares to battle Mosquito on his own.

Kid attacks Mosquito, who was currently off guard. Mosquito manages to counterattack with Nightmare Noise, however, Kid uses Skull Shield to protect himself. Kid follows up by performing a Soul Resonance, however, Mosquito splits him self up and uses Darkness Discord, doing a significant amount of damage. Kid begins to utilize his new powers and attempts to shoot down each of Mosquito's 8,000 bats, using the new technique Sanzu Fall Shot. After a brutal display of endurance and power, both opponents appear heavily injured. Mosquito then notices the real Brew falling out from Kid but before he can do anything, he hears a nearby explosion. This is quickly revealed to be the Lock, which was destroyed by Free, who used Forwarding Vision to fool Mosquito into thinking he had remained in one place. Mosquito, now worried of Arachne's safety, retreats. After his retreat, Kid comments on which way he is headed, referring to Mosquito as a "vampire".

Mosquito makes his assumed final appearance when he returns to the control room, where he scowls at 'Eibon' for leaving Arachne defenseless, to which he informs Mosquito that he too was just following orders. When Kid arrives at the location, 'Eibon' and Mosquito are about to engage in battle. Mosquito reveals his deep hatred for 'Eibon' and resents leaving Arachne in his care. Mosquito then transforms into his form from 800 years ago, however, before he can attack, he is slammed into a wall by a monster from the confines of The Book of Eibon. Before Eibon finishes him off, he asks Mosquito if would like to hear his true name. Mosquito replies that he has no interest in knowing the name of a despicable and avaricious man. Eibon ignores Mosquito's reply and reveals his actual name, Noah. Mosquito is then blasted by the creature but before his demise, he utters his final words, shouting "I offer my deepest apologies, Arachne-Sama!" Only a single bat remains as a reminder of Mosquito's former existence, which Noah then picks up while stating "Yes, I think this will do nicely!"

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc (Anime)

In the anime, Mosquito's role differs slightly. In the battle for Brew, Maka uses 'Majin Hunt' (or Genie Hunter), which she had not learned yet at that point in the manga, to slice him into pieces. The group believes he is defeated after Maka's technique, but he gets away by detaching his head from his body at the last moment and takes the Brew to Arachne. When he returns to Arachnophobia, he tells Arachne that the Brew does not work (Medusa Gorgon has the real brew).

He later reattaches his head to another body. He assists Arachne in the operation at Baba Yaga Castle to spread madness across the world. Death uses the power of Eibon's magic tools to take manual control of Death City and go to Baba Yaga's Castle himself to join the academy in the fight. Using the robotic Death City, Death fights against Mosquito whom is also fighting inside a remote controlled gigantic robot. Death ultimately defeats Mosquito.[30]

When Asura killed Arachne, Mosquito mourns after the death of his mistress.[31]

He can be seen at the end of the credits along with Giriko.[32]


  • Many of Mosquito's characteristics and abilities are likely based on the character "The Fear Robot", and the symbols associated with it, in Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi.


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