Moses is a fictional character created by Kim Diehl, which appears in the story she writes and illustrates in "The Most Powerful Animal I Can Imagine Is Too Cute" in the manga Soul Eater NOT!

In Kim's story, Moses eats so much of a field's grass and leaves that he turns that field into a wasteland. His increased weight causes him to float through the air until, growing hungry again, he falls back to Earth, now in a hilly land of flowers and grass—so he can attempt to satiate his still greedy appetite.


As described in Kim Diehl's story, "Moses is a very greedy sheep," such that his consumption of all grass and leaves has turned an entire field into a wasteland.


In Kim Diehl's illustrated story, Moses is of a horned breed of sheep, whose size varies depending on how much he consumes. In these illustrations, Moses's eyes vary depending on his emotions: whereas usually his eyes appear like spirals, when surprised that he has grown so big as a float, pupils appear and his eyes widen.

Based on the title of his chapter's first appearance, and Kim's joy (and embarrassment) at creating this story, Moses is a cute animal.