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Moral Mnipulation Machine

Moral Manipiltion Machine

The Moral Manipulation Machine (道徳操作機 Doutoku Sousa Ki in Japanese) is a Demon Tool created by Arachnophobia. The prototype of it is destroyed by Sid and Nygus. However, Arachnophobia soon creates a new one. After the invasion of Baba Yaga's Castle, the Demon Tool is now in the possession of Shibusen.


The main part of the Moral Manipulation Machine is a chair fitted with shackles to act as restraints. There is a red helmet with yellow spikes hanging above the chair, obviously attached to the subject's head during the Demon Tool's use. There is also what appears to be a monitor with a light bulb above it. The chair has a few levers next to it and masses of pipes and wires connecting it to various pieces of machinery (interestingly, some of the wires from the machine is connected to what looks like a Golem, known as Type. 0000.


Insanity cannot exist in a moral vacuum. Some morals must remain in order to give shape to the madness. That is where our Moral Manipulation Machine comes in. It will alter people's sense of morality without obliterating it. Even a slight deterioration will give rise to the madness we seek.

Mosquito, Episode 28

Through the use of magic, the Moral Manipulation Machine, as its name implies, is capable of manipulating a subject's morality. By lowering a person's morality, they can become evil; by raising it, it can make them good. As Mosquito says, lowering a person's morality even by the slightest will increase the growth of insanity in the subject, which fulfills Arachne's goal of increasing madness in the world.

The Moral Manipulation Machine is probably used on members of Arachnophobia who may suffer guilt or feel as if they are doing wrong in following Arachne's orders, which is why Mosquito uses it on Kim and Jacqueline. The effects are quite prominent in the subject, as their personality changes completely to a more evil, malicious and sadistic one. By raising one's morality, the machine can return someone who has had their morality lowered to normal. So far the Moral Manipulation Machine has not been used to convert a 'naturally' evil person to good.

However, although the effects of the Moral Manipulation Machine are strong, there is evidence of people managing to return to their normal state without the use of the machine. Ox manages to bring Kim round from the effects of the Moral Manipulation Machine.


The Moral Manipulation Machine blueprints were made by Eibon. It somehow fell into Arachne's hands and Arachnophobia soon began to develop it.

Part in the Story


A research laboratory of Arachnophobia begins developing a prototype of the Moral Manipulation Machine. However, Azusa spots the research facility and she, Sid and Nygus infiltrate the facility. They locate the Demon Tool, recover its blueprints and then destroy it using explosives.

The Deal

By this time, a new Moral Manipulation Machine has been completed. Mosquito uses it for the first time on Jacqueline and Kim, who he and Arachne lure into joining Arachnophobia after they run away from the DWMA.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

As Ox and Kirikou and their partners make their way to Tower No. 2 to destroy the Lock to the Spider Queen's Room, they pass two scientists of Arachnophobia discussing how the Moral Manipulation Machine is a success.

After Ox and Harvar splits up from Kirikou, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder to look for Kim, they run into Kim and Jacqueline, both under the influence of the Moral Manipulation Machine. Their personalities completely altered, they attack Ox and Harvar. After a short fight, Ox manages to bring Kim back to her normal self. However Jacqueline is still under the machine's influence, so Harvar knocks her unconscious and takes her back to the Moral Manipulation Machine to change her back to normal.

Tying Things Up, New Beginnings

Shinigami meets with Kim, Jacqueline, Tsubaki, Sid and Angela in regards to letting Kim and Angela stay in Shibusen, even with the risk of the Witches falling under the Sway of Magic. Kim protests that she may be able to suppress Angela's destructive instinct by exposing her to her Regeneration Magic and Jacqueline suggests using the Moral Manipulation Machine, although she admits that she does not like putting forward this idea.

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