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Episode 21 - Liz imagining Monsters
Debut Data

A Monster (モンスター, Monsutā) is a soul type in which the quality of a soul is "monstrous".[1] Like that of the real world, beings classified as "Monsters" are also typically frightening in appearance though this is not always the case, such as Blair being considered a Monster despite not looking frightening.[2]


Not much is relatively known about an individual with a monstrous soul. An individual with monstrous soul has both been shown to possess a human-like form with possibilities of transformation too into their respective theme dependent on their race, such as Blair possessing a human and cat form from being a Monster Cat[3] while Mosquito is a Bloodsucker able to transform into a bat in his Form from 400 years ago.[4] Although some Monsters share similarities with witches, including magical abilities, they are different entities.

Other Monsters, however, are portrayed to simply have a frightening appearance much like the real world's iteration of a monster with no special qualities.[2]

List of Monster Souls in Soul EaterEdit


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