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Episode 11 - Black Star uses Tsubakis Mode Uncanny Sword for the first time
Tusbaki Mode Change: Uncanny Sword



Mōdo Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Yōtō"


Enchanted Sword Mode


Mode: Uncanny Sword (モード「妖刀」, Mōdo "Yōtō")


Soul Resonance

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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

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Chapter 8

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Episode 10

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Tsubaki Mode Change: Uncanny Sword (椿のモード変化「妖刀」, Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Yōtō") is a technique that allows the weapon to transform into the Uncanny Sword.[1]


This technique, allowing for the Uncanny Sword transformation, transform the weapon into a katana with a black blade and a bandage-wrapped hilt.[1] Possessing this transformation also allow for a Multi-Form weapon the power to control shadows in such a form as well as other weapon transformations.[2]

True FormEdit

In the anime, the Uncanny Sword's true form is expressed. The sword takes the form of a completely red, bright glowing version of the original Uncanny Sword with a longer blade and gives the Meister a tremendous boost of power.This form is only attained after acceptance of the Will of Nakatsukasa, in which allows the full power and usage of the transformation (and therefore it's related techniques) without ill effect. [3]


List of TechniquesEdit


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