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Tsubaki - Smoke Bomb
Weapon Form Data
English Title Mode: Smoke Bomb
Alternate Title(s)
User(s) Black☆Star[1]
Human Form Tsubaki Nakatsukasa[1]
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 0.2
Anime Debut Episode 2

Mode: Smoke Bomb (モード「煙玉」, Mōdo "Kemuridama") is one of the various "modes" which is available to the Demon Shadow Weapon, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa.[1]


Mode: Smoke Bomb appears as a small, round, and black smoke bomb which comically has some of Tsubaki's facial features along with her ponytail shaped and acting as the fuse.[1]


Mode: Smoke bomb is able to produce a field of thick smoke to conceal a Meister's movement, which is especially useful for stealth and/or evasion.[2]


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