Hammer Form | Tonfa Form
Weapon Form Data
English Title Mjolnir
Romaji Myoruniru
Katakana ミョルニル
Alternate Title(s) Demon Hammer (魔鎚, Mattsui)
User(s) Franken Stein
Human Form Marie Mjolnir
Classification(s) Death Scythe
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 61
Anime Debut Episode 45

Mjolnir (ミョルニル, Myoruniru), also known as Demon Hammer Mjolnir (魔鎚•ミョルニル, Mattsui Myoruniru) is the Demon Weapon transformation of the powerful Death Scythe, Marie Mjolnir.[1]


Mjolnir in the anime

Mjolnir's form in the anime.

In her fully transformed state, Marie assumes the form of a small black hammer with numerous markings along the head's length and lightning-shaped ones, which mirror the insignia on Marie's eye patch, upon either end. The handle of this hammer is wrapped in light cloth and features three black tendrils emerging from its base.[1] In addition, Marie, also has a tonfa form in which assumes the form of a normal, black tonfa with a lightning insignia on the head.[2] In the anime her weapon form is instead that of a large, octagonal tonfa with her thunder insignia. A gold ring encircles the hammer near its tip and extends to its handle.[3]


  • Izuna makes Stein move so fast, he creates after images.
  • Stein strikes Justin in Marie's Tonfa form.

The hammer's most acclaimed ability is the Izuna, a hyper-nerve induction technique that gives a massive boost to a Meister's physical capabilities by sending electric pulses through the Meister's motor system.[4] Prolonged use of this ability, however, puts tremendous strain on the body due to the nervous system being pushed to it's full capacity.[2] Alternatively, Marie can also transform her appearance to that of a regular tonfa. As a tonfa, she can drive a wavelength into the target and deliver massive internal injuries.[2]


  • In Norse mythology, Mjolnir (or Mjölnir) is the hammer of Thor, a major god associated with thunder. Mjolnir was a incredibly powerful weapon, capable of crushing almost anything.
  • In Old Norse, Mjölnir means "That which marks and pulverizes to dust".


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