There seems to be quite a few pages that have the wrong informations that come from the "Right reasons". I'm not sure If people know who can become kishins. Only Demons Weapons can do so. It is clearly said in the Anime and Manga. If you need the manga chapter/episode, i will put it up upon request. We need to make sure this is clearly expressed. The anime created this inconsistency where character who are not Demon Weapons can eat humans. 4 characters have shown this, which are Jack the Ripper, White*Star, Lupin, and Al Capone. We need to make it clear that those character only consume souls in the anime and are inconsistencies, as all the characters in the Manga haven't even been said to consume souls. Al Capone was just a criminal underwould crime boss, Lupin was a master thief, Jack the Ripper was just a murderer, and White*Star was leader of a clan that did anything for money. None of these people consumed souls In the Manga. The anime created the inconsistency that they do and it has been said they do on their pages, despite that not being true,

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