Miss Misery - 2 Misery as she appears in Soul Eater NOT!
Name Misery
Romaji Mizarī
Katakana ミザリー
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - FemaleFemale
Race/Species Human Soul Human
Type of Soul
Status Alive
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Dorm Superintendent
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 Death Weapon Meister Academy
Place of Origin
Residence Death City
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Ai Orikasa (Japanese)
Martha Harms (English)
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 2 (NOT!)
Anime Debut(s) Episode 2 (NOT!)
Game Debut(s)

Misery (ミザリー, Mizarī) is the Girl's Dormitory Superintendent in DWMA. While appearing to be a nice and harmless woman, she is in actuality insane and obsessed with the novel The Commoner of Flanders. She took an interest in Tsugumi Harudori due to the fact she is the "image" of protagonist of the book, Mary Smith.[1]


Mary will never greet someone like that! Come on, now Mary! Say it again! Say it well this time!! RIGHT NOW!

Misery, Chapter 2 (NOT!)

At first, Misery seems to be a normal and kind person, always willing to help others. However, beneath that kind, smiling exterior lies a dark secret. Misery is obsessed with a novel known as The Commoner of Flanders, up to the point that she can be driven to psychotic extremes if it has anything to do with her favourite novel. She is also obsessed with the main character of her novel, known as Mary Smith, and goes as far as to deny the existence of the film adaptation of the novel, mainly because the actress who played Mary Smith (known as Hade Kilabia, which is a play on the words, 'glamorous' and 'glowing' in Japanese) was not fit to fulfill Mary's role, in her opinion.

When she meets someone whom she thinks to be the perfect 'Mary,' Misery ends up becoming obsessed with that person, and will do anything, even resort to violent measures, to turn that person into a 'perfect Mary.' She refers to such people as 'raw material.' Why she has not received professional help with her monomania is unknown.



Misery, while she looks rather innocent and nice, seems to be somewhat skilled in fighting at Close Quarters with a Hammer as a weapon. Though she was no match for Meme Tatane's Sleeping Fist, she did display some skill in attacking her.

Soul Eater Not!

Moving In!

Eternal Feather first introduces Misery to Tsugumi, Anya and Meme whilst showing them through the girl's dormitory. Although Misery acts kind and friendly towards them at first, after seeing Tsugumi, she finds that she is the perfect 'Mary Smith' from her novel. Because of this, when Tsugumi greets her, Misery assaults her, telling her to greet her again in a similar manner to Mary Smith. However, Eternal Feather manages to intervene.

Misery later tries to 'train' Tsugumi at night by tying her to her bed whilst holding a giant hammer. However, Meme briefly intervenes with her Sleepy Fist, and Misery is knocked out in the end by Kim Diehl.


  • Misery's name and appearance is a reference to the psychotic character Anne Wilkes from Stephen King's novel, Misery. Anne Wilkes is obsessed with the Misery series by Paul Sheldon, who'm she nursed back to health after being in a car accident. She demands that he writes more while confined to his bed and tortures him.[2]


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