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Bandages | No Bandages
Mira Naigus (Bandages) Profile
Mira Naigus



Mirra Neigus
Mira Nygus
Mila Naigus (Funimation Dub)

Personal Data

Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Halberd Demon Weapon[1]


Gender Sign - FemaleFemale





Weapon Form

Combat Knife

Professional Data

Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 Death Weapon Meister Academy
DWMA Intelligence Agency[2]


Interim School Nurse[1]
DWMA CIA Commander[2]


Death City

Meister Partners

Sid Barrett[4]

Real World Information

Junko Noda (Japanese)
Shay Moore (English, Soul Eater)
Anastasia Muñoz (English, Soul Eater NOT!)

Manga Debut

Chapter 27 (Actual Appearance)
Chapter 15 (Mentioned)

Anime Debut

Episode 16
Episode 4 (NOT!)

Mira Naigus (ミーラナイグス, Mīra Naigusu) is the Demon Weapon partner of Sid Barrett and replaces Medusa as the Interim School Nurse after her defection fro the DWMA.[4] She also has involvement with the DWMA Intelligence Agency and took command after Sid's death and before his revival as a zombie and acts as one of the teachers within the DWMA.[2]


Mira's personality appears to be matter-of-fact, not allowing personal feelings to cloud her judgment and not being afraid to tell people the truth. She was certainly not afraid to remind Black☆Star that he is only human, despite his obvious hatred towards comments that compare him to anything but a God, and remarked that he is walking the path of a Kishin. She also questioned Marie's actions on going with Stein, stating that she won't find happiness with Stein and that he is always alone.

Mira also seems to be somewhat cold. When Black☆Star was kicked in the testicles by Patty, he stated, while in pain, that it was unfair. Mira ignored his plea, stating that it was his fault that he turned his back to his opponent even after the match had begun.

Despite this, Mira has shown kindness. She, along with Sid and Spirit, let Stein go free instead of arresting him. When Mifune and Black☆Star were fighting for the final time, Mira wanted to intervene for Black☆Star's sake when Sid argued he had to deal with the fight on his own. She also showed concern for the boy using the demon blade mode when it was believed it would kill him.


Mira is almost always covered in bandages, looking somewhat like a mummy. She has dark skin, a tattoo on her upper shoulder, light blue eyes, and wears her hair in dreadlocks which may be a reference to both Egyptian mummies found with dreadlocks as well as the rastafari movement early referred to as the "Young Black Faith".

When on a mission, Mira still stays true to her mummy theme with a few changes; she wears green military pants and a white top. In her earlier appearances, the top is omitted and instead has several bandages covering her upper body. She is later seen with a military style jacket.


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  • Mira Naigus's name is a pun on various objects. Her first name, Mira (ミーラ), comes from the Japanese word for mummy (木乃伊 (ミイラ), Mīra). Her last name, Naigus (ナイグス), is also a pun on the katakana of the English word knives (ナイブズ, Naibuzu).[5]


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