As a nurse, an intelligence officer, and a capable fighter, Mira demonstrates both compassion and forthrightness, willing to trust others but desiring to find evidence to back up her expectations.


Sid BarrettEdit

Soul Eater NOT Episode 11 - Sid and Naigus

A photograph of Mira and Sid on his desk

Before and after Sid's death, Mira worked well as Sid's weapon, both in combat and in intelligence gathering.

According to Sid, the two became partners upon meeting at an orientation. The two have taught separate classes for N.O.T. and E.A.T. students in the classroom and in physical education, while collaborating on intelligence gathering.

Following Sid's death, Mira expressed sadness at his loss. Upon his resurrection as a zombie, Mira seemed to still regard Sid not differently, although her battle attired changed to include more bandages.

Mira is rather blunt when contending with Sid's foolishness. When Sid expressed dismay at reading Medusa's journal, she chastised him that his chivalry is less important than proving she is a witch. Yet she had no obvious reaction when Sid referred to her new nurse uniform as "sexy."

Franken SteinEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 39 - Naigus and Stein

Stein can get on Mira's nerves

While Mira and Stein are both medical practitioners, Mira is more straightforward in her approaches to medicine, including bluntly ordering patients to take care of their health, while Stein toys with his patients. When Mira contacted Stein to complete his production of the anti-venom cure against Shaula Gorgon's possession, she expresses frustration with Stein's jokes and his attempt to trick her into thinking he had one rather than numerous vials of the cure.

When it comes to battle missions, Mira and Stein are both serious about fulfilling their tasks. Mira and Sid both listened to Stein's instructions how to investigate Medusa Gorgon on the suspicion that she was a witch.

Marie MjolnirEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 40 - Marie and Naigus

Marie and Mira

Mira treats Marie as a colleague, offering advice to her and observing her emotional well-being. When Franken Stein leaves Death City to find Joe Buttataki's murderer, Mira warns Marie that Stein lacks the capacity for love. Later, when Marie notices Chupa Cabra witches flirting with Stein, Mira attempts to determine what is bothering Marie, only for Marie to depart in anger.


While Sid maintains a friendlier relationship with the Grim Reaper himself, Mira is more distant, hence more often willing to question Death's orders. For example, when Death ordered that the fragment from the Book of Eibon be locked in the Secret Vault rather than, as she preferred, destroyed, Mira asked for clarification from Death to justify such action. Sid intervened, following orders and asking Mira to do so as well. While surprised at Death's behavior, she does follow his instructions, and she is impressed when Death is more serious, such as when he loudly shouts down Spirit Albarn's Chupa♡Cabra's reception in the Death Room.

Akane☆Hoshi and Clay SizemoreEdit

When meeting with Akane and Clay after Sid's death, Mira gives her directions concisely and bluntly to escort Anya Hepburn out of Death City immediately. Akane and Clay follow their orders, as she takes command immediately of Central Intelligence after Sid's death and keeps order in that division upon receiving reports throughout the city of Shaula Gorgon's possessed Traitors attacking the Death Festival.

Kim DiehlEdit

Although following up on the intelligence submitted by Medusa that Kim is a witch, as her teacher and her colleague at the DWMA, Mira approaches Kim with the expectation that the student is innocent until proven otherwise. When Kim grows fearful and escapes the DWMA, Mira adamantly calls to Kim, urging her not to leave and that the DWMA only wants to speak with her.

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