Special AbilitiesEdit

Episode 18 - Sid and Mira get ready for Soul Resonance

Mira in her weapon form.

Demon Knife (魔ナイフ, Ma Naifu): As a Demon Weapon, Mira possesses the ability to transform into a combat knife in which comes with a sheath. As a combat knife, Mira is sharp enough to easily pierce through human flesh and can also be used as a projectile and thrown towards the enemy. Souls of the deceased can be collected and absorbed into her via her sheath.[1]

Medical Expertise: After Medusa Gorgon's defection from Death Weapon Meister Academy, Mira's ability in the medical field enabled her to replace Medusa as the interim school nurse.[2]

Episode 35 - Mira's trap hits Mifune.

Mira's trap hitting Mifune.

Trap Setting: Mira's most renown skill is her ability to quickly create traps. During the battle on Lost Island, she was able to create a variety of traps to utilize against Mifune on her own at an impressive time rate and was impressive enough to trap Mifune.[3] This is considered her specialty.[4]

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although her actual level of proficiency is unknown, it can be concluded that Mira herself does possess some skills in martial arts. As a teacher of the DWMA, she is the one who teaches students unarmed combat skills and supervises over sparring matches, where she shows insight on combat such as criticizing Black☆Star for turning his back on his opponent, Patty Thompson.[5]

Bomb Technician Skills: Among her skills in which helps her with her is the ability to create bombs to use for her traps.[6] She's often the one handling explosives during her missions with Sid Barrett.[7]

Enhanced Agility : In the anime, Mira possess an exceptional amount of agility. She was quick enough to maneuver quickly in simple successions of jumps despite the environment.[8]


Soul Resonance with Sid Barrett
  • Forced Burial (強制土葬, Kyōsei Dosō):Through the amplification of their respective soul wavelengths, Mira's weapon form is able to alter its shape to a grave stone. After the blade of her knife is engulfed in an intense white light, her Meister then slams the base of this tombstone into the ground, a quantity of tunnels going directly downwards, appear beneath multiple individuals in the immediate vicinity of Sid simultaneously.[9]


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