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Modern OSamurai

Sword God (剣神, Kenshin)
Appears In

Soul Eater

Professional Status




Previous Occupation(s)



Shibusen (Anime-Only)[2], Arachnophobia[3]

Personal Status





Alive (Anime), Presumed Deceased (Manga)



Hair Color

Blonde (Manga) Gray(Anime)

Eye Color

Blue(Manga), Brown(Anime)


Master Combatant, Master Swordsman


Addition, Disorderly Line, Infinite One-Sword Style, Multiplication, Sword Fang

Fighting Style

Infinite One-Sword Style[4]

List of Appearances

Mifune (ミフネ) is a recurring Human character, and is the most powerful Human ever to be shown throughout the entire story. Mifune is a legendary samurai, even having earned the name of "Sword God" (剣神, Kenshin) on account of his amazing skill and strength. Although at times it seems Mifune is the possessor of some kind of supernatural power, he is actually only of human descent, hereby having no relations to Meisters, Witches or other such beings whatsoever.

Mifune has been repeatedly hired by gangsters and unsavory types for his skills as a bodyguard (用心棒, yōjinbō). Despite being a stern character, he has a defining soft spot for children and is hesitant, if not utterly unwilling, to hurt them.


I'm here doing my duty. My sword is sworn to protect little children like the Witch Angela.


Mifune is the archetypical "Strong but Silent type", not commenting on much or becoming involved in situations that don't involve him directly. He usually is seen sitting down with his legs crossed and swords nearby when he is relaxing. This position operates as Mifune's resting state.

Mifune is very obedient to his employers and usually carries out all the orders that are given to him. However, this doesn't mean that he would abandon his personal morals in order to fulfill a task given to him. When he is assigned to capture and kill the Witch Angela Leon, he immediately disobeys his orders upon discovering Angela, saving the child from the hunt of mobsters as opposed to killing her and delivering her Soul to his employers.

Mifune has a large spot in his heart for children, and believes that they should never become involved in a fight against adults. This is Mifune's driving force for saving Angela when he discovered her for the first time. However, while this part to Mifune illustrates his inner purity and kindness, it also spells a problem for him when he comes across a hostile child like a Death Weapon Meister Academy student. The first encounter Mifune had with Black☆Star, he had held back so much from seriously fighting that he accidentally allowed himself to lose to Black☆Star. In addition to this belief that children should never be involved in fighting, Mifune also likes children in general, to the point where he usually carries around a sweet or two in his pockets to give to them if he were to come across one for some reason. The candy he has been politely giving to frightened or hurt children for years is a salty hard candy known as "Konbu".

He gets very impatient with opponents that strike him as dirty low-lifes, and often does his absolute best to rid the world of them dependant on whether or not they manage to upset him. When Al Capone arrived at Angela Leon's castle with the intension of stealing her Soul, Mifune immediately questions him as to what could possibly lead Al Capone to come to the castle, and that if he wasn't happy with Al Capone's answer, he would show no mercy in killing him and his army of mobsters.

When multiple opponents seem to continuously put him to work within the confines of a single day, Mifune becomes openly irritated, even expressing his annoyance verbally. After defeating Al Capone, Black☆Star and Tsubaki soon arrive at Angela's castle. Being Mifune's 100th and 101st opponents of the day, Mifune is initially shown with a tired and irritated expression on his face as he approaches the two.

Mifune admires people of Path Of The Warrior quality, and can often be seen smiling or complimenting them. When Black☆Star had showed Mifune mercy after he had acknowledged Angela's situation, Mifune smiles at Black☆Star as the Meister walks away, seeing Black☆Star's inner Warrior.

Mifune is ultimately a strict follower of The Path Of The Warrior and serves as the primary image of a Warrior in the entire series. This means that Mifune posses all the attributes of a perfect Warrior, and also believes that one can only choose to follow one path or the other to decide how his or her life will be. If this person's path is The Path Of The Demon, then Mifune will hunt the Demon down and reason with him or her. If Mifune fails to convert the Demon, he does one of things every Warrior sets out to do, and defeats the Demon.


Physically, Mifune appears of American descent, and resembles the age of Spirit and Franken Stein. He has long, straight hair, and a rather muscular build. However, his color sceme seems to vary from Anime and Manga. In the Anime, Mifune's hair is a light gray or a sandy blonde, while in Manga color spots, his hair appears to be a much brighter, golden blonde color. His eye color also differs, as while he has brown eyes in the Anime, his eyes are shown to be blue in the Manga.

Mifune commonly wears a large brown overcoat draped over his shoulders as if it were a cape, fluttering behind him while he is in combat. This cape has visible cuts on its ends, more than likely as a result of Mifune's opponents damaging it. He then wears a high collar, Japanese-style, button-down white shirt and olive green dress pants. These pairs of pants contain cuts in their fabric at their sleeves, much like the cuts in the fabric of Mifune's overcoat. Finally, he wears a pair of twine sandals, in addition to being commonly seen with a piece of twine in his mouth which he spits out when he's fighting seriously.

Over time, he modifies this wardrobe to newer articles of clothing; however, each new piece of his outfit is worn in the same fashion as the old piece. He first changes his long, damaged overcoat to a brand new white jacket. Although Mifune still drapes this over his shoulders like a cape, the jacket is only half as long as the original overcoat, and only comes down to Mifune's waist. Mifune then abandons his Japanese button down for a more contemporary, long sleeve leisure shirt. This shirt has a noticeable "OSAMURAI" blazoned over the right breast, which can be translated into "Great Samurai" in English. Lastly, Mifune drops his dress pants for a pair of jeans, equipped with a new belt. The only two pieces to Mifune's outfit that remain the same are his original twine sandals, and twig in his mouth.

When Mifune joins Arachnophobia during The Battle for Brew, he is sent to Lost Island to assist in suppressing Death Weapon Meister Academy forces. Since Lost Island has very snowy weather, Mifune's outfit changes to a more winter appropriate selection of combat clothes. In this outfit, Mifune wears a winter jacket that looks almost exactly like his new white jacket, but zipped up, and with a pair of cream colored gloves. He then wears a pair of thin ski pants, which have a design in which they are blue down until the knees, where they change to white in a quick stripe. His sandals are obviously replaced with a pair of snow boots, but Mifune still remains with his iconic twig.

Mifune is almost never seen without a case of his Infinite Swords, to which he uses to perform his Infinite One-Sword Style of combat. These cases are filled with Katanas, and are wrapped in Mifune's signature "KEEP OUT" police tape. When Mifune wants to carry these cases, he uses a pair of strips of the police tape to wrap around his chest like a shoulder bag, and can do this with two cases of swords as well as one.



In spite of only encountering each other three times, Mifune has clearly had a impact on Black☆Star. In their first two fights Mifune has already established as being much stronger than Black☆Star. In spite of being an enemy on all three encounters Mifune told Black☆Star the weaknesses in his style and how to become stronger which the latter clearly took to heart. Mifune is also one of the only characters that Black Star has never directly insulted. After the end of the third battle, he is killed by Black☆Star. In the anime, after Black☆Star defeats him, he offers Mifune assistance in rescuing Angela, and tells him to fulfill Tsubaki's request for him.
During their battles, Mifune compliments Tsubaki several times as a weapon. She is the key to the first victory, using her Dummy Star to lower his defenses. In the second fight, while Black Star is blinded with rage, she observes his ongoing reluctance to fight and his love for children, and expresses her wishes that he would become a Shibusen teacher. Tsubaki shows grief at his death, and the one who helps him stand before he dies. He holds her hands out as he disappears into the wind.
Sid Barett
Mifune respects Sid as a great combatant and would enjoy the honor of fighting once more. Sid is the second person to question why a good man like him allies with Arachnophobia, the first being Tsubaki.



Mifune and Angela

Angela Leon
As an inexperienced child witch, Mifune feels the need to protect her from all of those who might ever pose a threat. He states that he will only protect her until Angela is capable of protecting herself. When that time will be is unsure.


Mifune follows Mosquito's orders in order to protect Angela, with the help of Arachnophobia. The moment that he is sure that Angela is safe; he plans to come after Mosquito, who is using her as a bargaining tool.
White Star is a part of the Star Clan. In the anime only White Star is presented as one of Mifune's opponents in the past. He was apparently the first person Mifune Feared. They fought each other and according to Mifune he chose "The Path of the Demon" (Evil). In the end Mifune killed him and Shinigami (Death) took his soul before he became a Kishin.


Mifune's Soul

Mifune's Soul

Master Combatant

Mifune is a master Samurai, and is the only character in the Soul Eater series to display extremely strong natural power, illustrated through the shape of his Strong Soul. He's one of the most powerful Human characters in the series[5]. At times, Mifune almost appears as if he has supernatural powers; as he is able to make his Swords float in mid air, stick to his opponents, etc. This isn't a supernatural power, but an unexplained connection Mifune seems to have with his Infinite Swords. Mifune is rather muscular and can deal/endure heavy damage. He is also very quick, not only in running, but also in hand-eye-coordination and agility. His masterful swordsmanship skills and strength, have earned him the title of "Sword God". He's been able to hold his own with both Black*Star and Sid Barret. He's also defeat Black☆Star on one occasion.

Strong Soul Wavelength

Mifune possess a Strong Soul a Soul that is equal to 99 pure Human Souls. Possessors of Strong Souls are very rare and only Mifune is known to have possessed it in the series.[6]



Mifune was once a member of a mafia family, operating as the Godfather, Marlon's, bodyguard and right-hand agent. During his early employment, Mifune was called to meet with Marlon to discuss an assignment he was to be given. Marlon explains to Mifune that some of his associates had managed to track down a Witch in the possession of a rival family, and that Mifune's assignment was to capture the Witch. Upon capture, Mifune was to kill the Witch and deliver her Soul back to Marlon for a large pay.

After a large battle that ultimately leaves all of the rival family's forces dead in a public restaurant, Mifune is left standing in the middle of the building as the sole victor. Suddenly, Mifune is approached by a small voice, asking him if he had come to kill the person speaking. Mifune quickly turns around as the person continues to speak; it is here where the voice is revealed to be coming from the Witch Angela Leon. She goes on to further explain to Mifune that her death is what is sought for by everyone she has met, and describes how she is always surrounded by death and murder. As the two briefly stare at each other, Angela's age and restrained body draw Mifune's attention, and he openly realizes that the child standing in front of him was the Witch he was assigned to kill.

Mifune then disobeys his orders, and instead, flees with Angela to a boat cargo container yard. As the two hide from Marlon's men, two family members are shown looking for Mifune. One family member questions the other as to what he believes Mifune was thinking when he decided to save the Witch, as the pay for her Soul would have been extremely high. The family members then run off in another direction, and Mifune and Angela escape. Upon realizing that they were safe, Mifune gives one of his "Konbu" candies to Angela, and the two begin their relationship.

It is unknown what exactly happens after these events, but what can be told is that Mifune had established with Angela that he would be her guardian, protecting her from forces like the ones she had so far had to endure. The two also somehow make their way to Magic Castle Cinder, where they stay until the events of Soul Eater.


In the Anime, Mifune's past is told in further depth to about 13 years ago, when he had met White☆Star.

Somehow baring witness to a mass murder by which White☆Star had successfully killed and entire household of Humans, Mifune approached him. Mifune immediately identifies White☆Star as a Star Clan member and states to him that he is close to forsaking The Path Of The Warrior for The Path Of The Demon. White☆Star responds with a battle stance, and tells Mifune that he has no use for paths, explaining that he is only after victory, and that nothing else matters to him. Mifune ignores White☆Star's words, and attempts a second time to convert him, telling White☆Star that he still has time to change, and that he highly suggests he do so. White☆Star then interrupts Mifune, stating that that is enough, and that he was finished listening.

The two then engage in battle, but before either person is able to do any damage to the other, they soon find themselves in a stalemate, with Mifune's blade up against White☆Star's torso and White☆Star's blade up against Mifune's throat. Mifune then explains to White☆Star that he has the strength to be so much more, and questions why White☆Star has chosen to be who he is. White☆Star replies that he believes that there is nothing higher in life than winning, and that victory is always the path he chooses. Mifune then (expressively) tells White☆Star that he is wielding a double-edged sword, and that while it kills his opponents it is cutting away at his Soul as well. White☆Star then becomes enraged by Mifune's words, and deals a powerful kick to him. This sends Mifune flying into a nearby staircase as White☆Star eerily stands in place and stares at the samurai. As Mifune observes White☆Star, White☆Star is shown holding his right shoulder, where Mifune was able to lightly cut White☆Star's star tattoo. White☆Star does this while giving an eerily fierce expression towards Mifune, which illustrates White☆Star's sudden fear and anger towards the samurai.

The two are then shown continuing their battle on a cliff-like platform near a waterfall. Mifune at this moment tells White☆Star that he believes that they should end their battle. White☆Star's eyes suddenly glow red at Mifune, and he lifts his head into the moonlight. Mifune becomes surprised at the sight of White☆Star's eyes, and questions White☆Star as to whether or not he was even Human anymore. White☆Star responds by laughing darkly, and charges towards Mifune. As the two exchange blows, Mifune is shown attacking White☆Star by launching a number of his Infinite Swords using his Infinite One-Sword Style, towards him, to which White☆Star expertly dodges each and every single sword. As Mifune is shown to be becoming overwhelmed by White☆Star's strength, it is revealed that the only damage he was able to deal to White☆Star was a cut on White☆Star's scarf, which covered his face up until his eyes. Realizing that this had been cut, White☆Star pulls the cloth down, revealing his demented face. As he does this, his sharp teeth are shown as White☆Star drools, then licking his face with his slithering tongue. After White☆Star lets out a small chuckle, the two charge at each other for the final time. Mifune is able to gain an opening to White☆Star, and takes it, slicing White☆Star with an extremely powerful strike. This sends White☆Star flying off the edge off the platform, plummeting to his demise.

Soul Eater

Prologues Arc

"Black Star"

Mifune was introduced as "Mifune the Bodyguard", guarding the witch known as "Angela Leon". Alcapone and his mafia gang made an attempt to capture Angela but was defeated by Mifune easily. After defeating the mafia group, not too soon, Black Star and his Demon Chain-Scythe Tsubaki arrived. Black Star was in search of 99 souls and 1 witch soul, figuring he would defeat Mifune and take Angela's soul thus making his weapon a Death Scythe. Mifune engages in battle with Black Star, easily overpowering him the entire match. After delivering a fatal blow, Black Star falls to the ground. Mifune then comments on how poorly Black Star wields his weapon and that the only reason he hasn't been defeated is because of it, calling him a "small fry" in the process. Black Star, now enraged stands up to fight once more. Using his Tsubaki's Dummy Star Mode, he manages to take Mifune by surprise, using his Black Star Big Wave attack to finish the fight. Angela suddenly appears, begging Black Star not to hurt Mifune anymore. Ultimately, Black Star decides to leave the two as is and return to Shibusen.[7][8]


Eventually, the witch Arachne forced him to protect her and Arachnophobia. Despite allying himself with witches, he has been noted to have a highly pure soul. He also compliments Tsubaki, stating that she is a great weapon and has a lot of potential (Which makes her blush). Black Star was about to take his Soul but stopped when he saw how Mifune was protecting the young witch Angela. Mifune acts like a big brother or father to Angela.

At the end of the fight between Black☆Star and Mifune from when Black Star and Tsubaki were going to take revenge on Arachne for taking Maka's mobility, Tsubaki tells Mifune that he fits the qualities to become a teacher of Shibusen's staff. Mifune is surprised by this and blushes at the suggestion of him becoming a teacher and imagines a lot of children around Angela's age and a little older calling him "Mifune-sensei". With this, Tsubaki is proven right that Mifune does have a liking for children.


Mifune is seen with Angela in their room in Baba Yaga's castle.

Reunion Express

Mifune is seen with Mosquito and Giriko surrounding Medusa, but allowed her to go when Arachne didn't order them to do anything to stop her from leaving.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle


Mifune's death

Later, during Black Star's open assault on Arachnophobia, Mifune uses his caution tape for a more conventional purpose -- Limiting the fight down to himself and his rival. The two engage in mortal combat, with Black Star showing his skill with Tsubaki's weapon forms. This fight also reveals Black Star's growth, as the two exchange increasingly devastating blows. Finally, Mifune shows his respect for Black Star by discarding all but one of his katana for one final confrontation. Black Star responds by requesting that Tsubaki become a katana of normal capabilities. The final duel between the two is incredibly bloody, and while Black Star is greatly injured, Mifune ultimately dies of his wounds.

Fate in the Anime

In the anime adaption, Mifune survives the battle against Black Star, though heavily injured, and is allowed to live by Black Star, under the condition that he take Tsubaki's advice and become a mentor and role model by becoming a teacher at Shibusen. He accompanied Black Star and Tsubaki into Baba Yaga's castle to find Angela. With Black Star's help, Black Star crashes though the castle's walls until he reaches her room. In the last episode Mifune is shown walking up the stairs towards Shibusen with Angela on his shoulder.


  • In the manga, he has a soul so strong that it counts for ninety-nine souls by itself. In the anime, this is not specified, and killing him is not even a necessity because there are ninety-nine souls already present, those of Alcapone's gangsters which Mifune killed after they attacked him.
  • Due to his fondness of children, he carries around seaweed flavored candy with him.
  • Mifune has been noted that he always has a reed in his mouth, until he's in a serious fight.
  • In the anime, Mifune does not die from his wounds and he, along with Angela, joins the DWMA.
  • In the anime, Mifune is the one who killed Black☆Star's father.


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