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Maka holding her weapon, per being a meister.

A Meister (職人, Shokunin; Literally meaning "craftsman," "mechanic," "worker") is an individual with exceptional Soul Wavelengths who are partnered with Demon Weapons.


Soul Resonance - Souls

A compatible wavelength are able to perform soul resonances.

Meisters are generally individuals with exceptional wavelengths that're paired up with weapons should both the meister and weapon have a compatible wavelength.[1] This is based on the personalities of the potential meister and weapon. Should they be compatible, the individual would be able to utilize their chosen partner with ease. However, if one's wavelength isn't compatible, dangerous effects from the rejection can result in injury and possibly death in extreme cases.[2]

Black☆Star (Anime - Episode 10) - (30)

Meisters like Black Star are generally fit, though it's not unheard of a meister's weapon being fit also.

Meisters in Soul Eater can be a variety of individuals, even those like shinigamis and zombies. However, it seems that demon weapons are the only individuals not able function as meisters (unless the said characters are wielding family members, in which a bond is responsible for enabling. Also, any character is able to hold Excalibur). The reason behind this is unknown.

It seems to be a prerequisite that a meister be physically fit. In fact, nearly all meisters revealed appear to be physically fit. The need to be fit is given credence when Nygus noted that it's a shame that Patty is a weapon after witnessing her take down numerous opponents without a loss in form.[3] This is further evidenced by the fact that many of the meisters seem to be able to run the 100m dash in under 9 seconds, with Black Star coming in at under 6 seconds. [4] The real world world-record for the 100m dash is 9.58 seconds.


Maka using Soul Perception.

Many meister have various abilities in which spans out to many possibilities. However, Meisters have the ability to allows communication on a spirit level with their weapon and, most importantly in combat, allows them to receive or give energy. Many meisters also, over through the course of Soul Eater and in some cases in Soul Eater NOT! develop the meister-exclusive ability, Soul Perception; in which allows to search for wavelengths and identify them. Mainly of use for localizing people and gauging their potential strength and some times, even intentions.

Witch Hunter (Demon Scythe) - (1)

The Witch hunter is a powerful soul resonance technique. It's also a common technique among scythe meisters and has various levels

Perhaps the biggest strength of that of a person who's a meister is the ability to achieve soul resonance with their demon weapon partner. Depending on a character's ability, skill, and sometimes even underlying theme, a character may be able to utilize a soul resonance technique. Some techniques may be unique while others are techniques that're common within a certain group such as scythe meisters. Soul resonance technqiues are perhaps the most powerful type of techniques within Soul Eater, many of their attacks are unique and are the reason why the Witches began losing to humans after the creation of the demon weapons.

Kid chargeing his wavelength

The skull theme Death the kid possess shows when utilizing his soul resonance technqiues

Although not exactly an ability in the true sense of the word, it would seem to be common among meisters to have their "themes" present during the use of their abilities. An example of this is Sid, who has an undead theme. This theme of his is present in the name of his attacks, the changing of his weapon into a tomb when performing a resonance, and the fact that he is a zombie. Stein, a scientist who loves to dissect, has stitches present on the blade of Witch-Hunt Slash when he performs it with Spirit. Kid, too, has skulls present on his death cannon when he performs a soul resonance with his two pistols.

Types of Meisters


Utility Meister: Mentioned often, an Utility Meisters is one that can perform acceptable soul ressonance with multiple weapons, which gives him/her a wide array of choices when deciding which weapon to handle and the limit of the ressonance. Two examples of Utility Meisters are Kirikou, who already handle Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, and can also ressonate with Liz and Patty, and there is Stein, who is famous for resonating with any weapon given due his natural, morbid curiosity and easy adaptability to different wavelengths.

Multiple Resonate: An unofficial term describing the mesiters who're skilled in the ability to resonante with more then one weapon at the same time. In Soul Eater, Death the Kid and Kilik Rung are the only know characters able resonate with more then one weapon at the same time.

Weapon Specialist

Scythe Mesiters: Meisters who're generally skilled with wielding scythes. Scythe meisters are also known to employ techniques of the Hunter series such as the Witch Hunter. Maka Albarn , Franken Stein, and Death are known scythe meisters.

Dark Arm Meister (暗器職人,Anki Shokunin): Also known as shadow weapon meisters, dark arm meisters are meisters who specialize in using japanese ninja/assassin weaponry. Black☆Star is the only known character who's a Dark Arm Meister. 

Knife Meister: Meisters who're known for employing the use of a demon weapon knife. Only Sid Barett is a known knife meister. 

Longsword Meister (大剣職人, taiken shokunin): A long sword meister is a meister that's skilled in the use of a longsword as their weapon. Akane☆Hoshi is the only known Longsword Meister in the series. 

List of Meisters in Soul Eater


  • The word "meister" is German for "master".
  • Weapons seem to be classed in the same system and rank with their meisters.[5]


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