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Soul Eater Episode 51 - Credits, Three Meisters
Name Meister
Alternate Title(s) Technician
Romanji Shokunin
Katakana 職人
Debut Data
Manga Debut Chapter 0.1
Anime Episode 1

Meisters (職人, Shokunin) are warriors who fight and battle using the weapon forms of Demon Weapons, people who're able to transform into traditional weapons.[1]


Meisters are generally individuals with exceptional wavelengths that are paired up with weapons should both the meister and weapon have a compatible wavelength.[2] This is based on the personalities of the potential meister and weapon. Should they be compatible, the individual would be able to utilize their chosen partner with ease. However, if one's wavelength isn't compatible, dangerous effects from the rejection can result in injury and possibly death in extreme cases.[3]

Meisters in Soul Eater can be a variety of individuals, even those like shinigamis and zombies. However, it seems that demon weapons are the only individuals not able function as meisters (unless the said characters are wielding family members, in which a bond is responsible for enabling. Also, any character is able to hold Excalibur). The reason behind this is unknown.

It seems to be a prerequisite that a meister be physically fit. In fact, nearly all meisters revealed appear to be physically fit. The need to be fit is given credence when Nygus noted that it's a shame that Patty is a weapon after witnessing her take down numerous opponents without a loss in form.[4] This is further evidenced by the fact that many of the meisters seem to be able to run the 100m dash in under 9 seconds, with Black☆Star coming in at under 6 seconds.[5] The real world world-record for the 100m dash is 9.58 seconds.


Maka using Soul Perception.

Many meister have various abilities which span out to many possibilities. However, Meisters have the ability to allows communication on a spiritual level with their weapon and, most importantly in combat, allows them to receive or give energy. Many meisters also, over through the course of Soul Eater and in some cases in Soul Eater NOT! develop the meister-exclusive ability, Soul Perception; in which allows to search for wavelengths and identify them. Mainly of use for localizing people and gauging their potential strength and some times, even intentions.

Witch Hunter (Demon Scythe) - (1)

The Witch hunter is a powerful soul resonance technique. It's also a common technique among scythe meisters and has various levels.

Perhaps the biggest strength of that of a person who's a meister is the ability to achieve soul resonance with their demon weapon partner. Depending on a character's ability, skill, and sometimes even underlying theme, a character may be able to utilize a soul resonance technique. Some techniques may be unique while others are techniques that're common within a certain group such as scythe meisters. Soul Resonance techniques are perhaps the most powerful type of techniques within Soul Eater, many of their attacks are unique and are the reason why the Witches began losing to humans after the creation of the demon weapons.

Kid chargeing his wavelength

The skull theme Death the kid possess shows when utilizing his soul resonance technqiues.

Although not exactly an ability in the true sense of the word, it would seem to be common among meisters to have their "themes" present during the use of their abilities. An example of this is Sid, who has an undead theme. This theme of his is present in the name of his attacks, the changing of his weapon into a tomb when performing a resonance, and the fact that he is a zombie. Stein, a scientist who loves to dissect, has stitches present on the blade of Witch-Hunt Slash when he performs it with Spirit. Kid, too, has skulls present on his death cannon when he performs a Soul Resonance with his two pistols.

Types of Meisters


Utility Meister

Chapter 66 - Kilik investigates

Kilik, a renowned utility meister.

A Utility Meister (ユーティリティ職人,Yūtiriti Shokunin) is a meister who's able to resonate with multiple types of demon weapon wavelengths, hooking onto the wavelength rhythms of different weapons and synchronize with them well enough to wield them.[6]

There seems to be two types of utility meisters: One type (Type 1) is able to resonate with 2 weapons at the same time. A second type (Type 2) is an individual who can resonate with 2 or more different weapons. There are even cases where a meister is both types.

Name Type Status
DeathType 2Deceased
Franken SteinType 2Active
Maka AlbarnType 2Active
Sid BarettType 2Active
Kilik RungType 1 & 2Active
Death the KidType 1Active
Spirit Weapon Form

Stein, a Death Weapon Meister.

Death Weapon Meister

Death Weapon Meisters, also known as Death Scythe Meisters, are meisters in which are wielders of Death Scythes. Death Weapon Meisters tend to be powerful and are some of the most powerful meisters present in the Soul Eater franchise, being individuals that has the experience and power to create a Death Scythe.

Name Type Status
Franken SteinNoneActive
Maka AlbarnNoneActive
Sid BarettNoneActive
Kilik RungNoneActive
Maka's MotherNoneActive

Assassin Meister

Sid vs Maka

Sid, a renowned assassin meister.

Mentioned only in the anime by Maka, an Assassin Meister (アサシン職人,Asashin shokunin) is a meister that is presumably skilled in the Art of Assassination and/or possess skills in performing assassinations.

Name Type Status
Sid BarettNoneActive

Bond Meister

Soul Eater Episode 16 - Liz robs from New York resident

Liz, a Bond Meister who uses her sister Patty.

A Bond Meister is a conjectural term given to the type of meister in which utilizes demon weapons via Bond, in which is only possible within two individuals who are biologically related, whether it be between parent/child or between siblings. It's also the only sort of meister-type seen in which is utilized by two demon weapons and is the only meister-type in which is unaffected by incompatability, as all family members can wield one another and have an unseperatable "bond". However, a drawback is that Soul Resonance techniques aren't nearly as powerful as one between two different people.

Name Type Status
Elizabeth ThompsonGun-Type MeisterActive
Patricia ThompsonGun-Type MeisterActive

Weapon Specialist


Death using spirit hits a decoy Asura

Death, a renowned scythe-meister.

A Scythemeister (鎌職人, Kama Shokunin), also stylized as Scythe-Meister, is by far one of the more powerful meisters types within the series. Scythemeisters are meisters who're extremely skilled in wielding a scythe, a pole-arm like weapon sporting a long, arched blade. Some of the basic skills required to becoming a proficient scythe meister is having the ability to spin the scythe itself.[7] It also seems that a scythe-meister are also skilled in the usage of staff-like weapons.

Perhaps the most notable quality about a scythemeister is the usage of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister within the Soul Eater universe.[8] These techniques are reputed able to kill a wide variety of evil individuals. Practitioners of magic, demons , and even kishins are at risk when facing those who practice the hunt-slash series.

Name Type Status
Franken SteinNoneActive
Maka AlbarnNoneActive
Maka's MotherNoneActive

Shadow Weapon Meister

Shadow Star Zeroth Form - Masamune Stance

Black Star, a Shadow Weapon Meister.

A Shadow Weapon Meister (暗器職人,Anki Shokunin), known as a Dark Arm Meister in Funimation, is one of the various meister-types in the series. A Shadow Weapon Meister is an individual who is extremely skilled in the usage of a japanese weapon such as a chain scythe, Katana, smoke bomb, or any sort of Japanese-related weaponry. A Shadow Weapon meister is also generally skilled in the Art of Assassination as well as the Martial Way, as seen in the case for Black☆Star.

However, this isn't always the case. In the manga, despite being a Scythe Meister, Maka Albarn is skilled as a Shadow Weapon Meister herself,[9] though not being on a level near Black☆Star.

Name Type Status
Maka AlbarnNoneActive

Gun-Type Meister


Kid, a gun-type meister.

A Gun-Type Meister (銃型職人, Jū-gata Shokunin), as the name implies, are meisters who specializes in the usage of Demon Weapons who are able to transform into guns. Meisters who are gun-types are known to possess excellent marksmanship, a necessary skill to utilizing a gun-type weapon properly. A gun type meister seems to need to have strong soul wavelength, as the gun types seen in the series shoots a meister's own wavelength.[10]

Name Type Status
Death the KidUtility Meister (Type 1)Active
Kilik RungUtility Meister (Type 1 & 2)Active
Sid BarettUtility Meister (Type 2)Active
DeathUtility Meister (Type 2)Deceased
Elizabeth ThompsonBond MeisterActive
Patricia ThompsonBond MeisterActive

Knife Meister

A Knife Meister (ナイフ職人, Naifu Shokunin) is a meister who's skilled with the usage of a Combat Knife. Only Sid Barett is a known knife meister within Soul Eater.

Name Type Status
Sid BarettNoneActive

Sword Meister

Hiro - Full

Hero as he's about to wield Excalibur.

A Sword Meister (剣職人, Ken Shokunin) is an individual who is skilled particularly with a straight sword. Some sword meisters are renowned meisters within the Soul Eater universe and are particularly powerful. It should be noted that those wielding Excalibur also fall into this category due to being a straight broadsword.

Name Type Status
King ArthurNoneDeceased

Great Sword Meister

Akane and Traitor

A Great Sword Meister.

A Great Sword Meister (大剣職人, Daiken Shokunin) is a meister in which employs the usage of a demon weapon in which is a Great Sword, a large two-handed, heavy, and powerful weapon. Only one character within the entirety of Soul Eater is this type of meister.

Name Type Status

Lamp Meister

Axe Meister

Ballista Meister



  • Weapons seem to be classed in the same system and rank with their meisters.[11]


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