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Eight Centuries AgoEdit

Earlier lifeEdit

Medusa is the middle child of the three Gorgon Sisters, born at least 800 years ago.[1] Much of her life is unknown. However, she did have some involvement with the activities of her older sister, Arachne Gorgon, as Medusa is aware that, although she is credited as "the Mother of Demon Weapons," Arachne depended on the Book of Eibon to create them.[2]


Eight hundred years ago, Arachne, having attracted the attention of Death, tried to convince Medusa to aid her in battling the Death God. However, when the time came to assist her sister, Medusa did not join her in battle and instead betrayed her. As a result, Arachne was nearly killed by Death.[1]

Current EraEdit

Crona's Birth and the Black BloodEdit

At some point in time, Medusa resurfaced in the current era. She had created a substance known as the Black Blood and also had a child, who she named Crona, from an unknown man.[3] She then found the Demon Weapon, Ragnarok and had him melted down in a vat full of Black Blood. Medusa replaced all of Crona's blood with the Black Blood and the mixture containing what was left of Ragnarok.[4]


Episode 20 - Medusa locks Crona in a room

Medusa locks Crona in a dark room as "punishment" for not killing the Little One.

With Crona, Medusa raised her child to be a killer. One of the lessons they were taught was killing. Faced with a child who was conscious of other life and therefore couldn't "deal" with it, she would lock her own child in a dark room for days on end with Ragnarok under the presumption of them being "punished" for not following her instruction. She constantly pressured Crona into killing the Little Bunny, and resorted to the same punishment when Crona remarked they couldn't "deal with it". Finally after a few days, Crona's sanity broke and they did as she instructed, killing the Little Bunny. Medusa then remarked that they would have bunny for dinner that night.[5]

However, despite Medusa's intentions of making Crona an independent individual, they became the opposite; they became completely dependent on her own orders. Thus, she labelled them a failure in that regard.[6]

Joining the DWMAEdit

Medusa later infiltrates the DWMA with the usage of a Magic known as Soul Protect and hides among the staff as the school nurse. Although she informed the Witch Order of her actions are under presumption of research on the Academy itself[7], her true goal was to find the remains of the first Kishin and use the Black Blood to resurrect him.[8]

Soul Eater NOT!Edit

Introduction ArcEdit

Medusa is contacted by DWMA student Clay Sizemore on treating the injuries of Hao and Raid after their altercation with Anya Hepburn and Tsugumi Harudori.[9] Days later, Medusa arrives at Deathbucks Café. Being acquainted with Master, she orders the "usual" coffee.[10]

Soul EaterEdit

Demon Sword ArcEdit

Episode 7 - Medusa sends a Snake to Crona

Medusa sends a Snake to its intended target: Crona.

Being in Florence, Medusa sends out Crona to eat the souls of the Humans within the Santa Mario Novella Basilica. She proclaims that they will be a Kishin. When Crona denounces the notion, she uses her Magic to give them confidence. She then listens and watches from afar as Crona kills all the individuals within the church.[11]

Later, as she watches Crona's battle with Maka Albarn, she questions the Meister on their apparent slowness and when Crona asks how to deal with girls, Medusa tells them they should simply kill them.[12] When Crona prepares to finish Maka and Soul off, she urges them to do so[13]. Medusa is then surprised to find the DWMA's strongest Meister and Death Scythe arriving. She wonders how Crona will perform against them.[14]

Episode 8 - Medusa talks to Stein and Spirit

Medusa talks to Stein and Spirit as she retrieves Crona.

Once Crona and Ragnarok reach their limit and have a rejection response, Medusa then cancels her Soul Protect and reveals herself. Criticizing Crona for their apparent sloppiness and revealing she will punish them, she seemingly intends to do harm on both Stein and Spirit, attacking them with her Vector Arrow spell. When her spell is countered with Stein's Witch-Hunt, she takes the opportunity to retrieve Crona with her Light Serpent, but not before complimenting their Soul Resonance attack. She then escapes with Crona on hand.[15]

She later reappears in her nurse guise, requesting Maka assist her in getting a love-struck Spirit off of her leg, causing the latter to be Maka Chopped. Hearing Maka blame herself for what happened to Soul, Medusa "reassures" the young Meister that she'll get stronger.[16]

After Soul has one of his nightmares and he screams out, both Maka — and, moments later, Medusa — arrive. When Soul reassures them that he only had a bad dream, she told both members of the Meister/Weapon pair to call her right away should anything happen. She muses in her head that some of Ragnarok's Black Blood mixed into Soul's own, now finding him an interesting research subject.[17]

Uncanny Sword ArcEdit

At some point in time, Medusa snuck her way into Maba's room to steal the key to the cell door of the Man with the Demon Eye and unknown to her, was caught by Eruka Frog.[18]

Episode 12 - Medusa silences both Eruka and Mizune

Medusa silences Eruka and Mizune.

Attending a Witch Mass on the subject of Medusa Gorgon's activities in the DWMA, Medusa herself appears and is granted permission by Maba to continue her research. As the mass ends and she leaves with Crona and Ragnarok, she is stopped by the likes of Eruka Frog and a member of the Mizune family and questions on her intents and purposes as well as inform Medusa they're aware of her sneaking into Maba's room. Medusa quickly shuts them up, secretly implanting a Light Serpent and some of her Snakes into both of them before leaving, chiming in the fact the school nurse can't be late.[19]

Later, Medusa is caring for Soul Eater, who recounts his dream experiences and shares them with the nurse as he talks about the Black Room as well as the Little Ogre present. Medusa is surprised, noting the Black Blood having an actual effect but actually tells Soul there's nothing to worry about and that having the same dream often is common. She also notes that his recovery is coming along fine.[20] Just after her examination, Maka interrupts both Medusa and Soul but quickly flees at the sight of Soul's scar. Medusa deduces that the scar is what is causing the awkwardness.[21]

Soul Eater Episode 12 HD - Medusa prepares to kill Eruka

Medusa prepares to kill Eruka.

As she walks down a alleyway in Death City, feeling the infiltration of DWMA is worth her efforts and desiring to test Soul's capabilities, she runs into Eruka and Mizune once more. The frog Witch proclaims they're here to kill her. Although she advises that even with Soul Protect, young Meisters can recognize a Witch by appearance, Eruka retorts her "concern" with the fact both of them employ Transformation Magic and can use that to escape, a capability Medusa herself notably doesn't possess and plan to use the Soul Protect limitations to their advantage and should she drop it, she'd be outed as a Witch. Cancelling their own Soul Protect, they prepare to kill Medusa. However, having anticipated their eventual altercation, she has one of her Light Serpents she implanted inside them earlier kill Mizune while explaining to Eruka they're Magic Lifeforms and are automatic. Preparing to kill Eruka, she is interrupted by Stein and Maka's speedy reaction, with Eruka escaping. Faking the fact she "sensed" two Witches along with Stein and Maka, she supports the claim from Maka insinuating the "Witch" who "hurt" Soul was present, although Stein quickly rebuffs that notion much to her dismay, but expresses gratitude the school nurse wasn't hurt. [22]

Tracking down Eruka with one of her Snakes sending a signal of her location to Medusa, she tasks the Witch with the releasing of the "Man with the Demon Eye", the man who plucked out Queen Maba's eye out despite the consequences with Medusa threatening her life all the while her feet grovels Eruka in her frog form. With Eruka relunctantly accepting and transforming back as she labels her intentions carefully, Medusa comically orders her to turn back into a frog, remarking her grovelling in her human form doesn't feel as good as her frog form.[23]

The Experiment ArcEdit

Soul Eater Episode 13 HD - Free and Medusa talk

Free offers to help Medusa

Congratulating Eruka, Medusa informs her that she will remove a Snake for every task she's done, much to the frog's displeasure. Introducing herself to the Demon Eye Man, she seemingly agrees to call him "Free" instead — though she wonders if he could consider himself free with her intentions. She then asks him to eliminate a Meister and Weapon duo, with the Werewolf accepting her request.[24] She later watches as Soul is unable to resonate with Maka through the use of her Snakes within Eruka and Crystal Ball, proclaiming "Let the experiment begin!".[25]

Soul Eater Episode 13 HD - Free's battle begins

Medusa watches as the battle between Maka, Soul, and Free commences.

Medusa is curious as to how Soul's Black Blood will respond[26], watching as both Maka and Soul are able to achieve Soul Resonance despite their initial inability during their battle with Free. Medusa notes the Black Blood beginning to take effect as well as its capabilty for causing the Weapon affected to eat away at the Meister's very mind.[27] Impressed at the results and despite Free's eventual defeat on part of his rustiness, she proclaims that continuing her research will allow the Kishin to evolve.[28]

Black Dragon ArcEdit

Episode 16 - Steins confronts Medusa

Medusa is confronted by Franken Stein.

Giving her medical opinion of Maka's blood, Medusa claims that her blood was black because of it drying, although she saw Maka cough up Black Blood. Medusa gives her a pill which secretly speeds up the effects of the Black Blood. She then asks about Soul's wellbeing and speaks of the dreams involving an Ogre, an occurance unknown to Maka. When questioned, she claimed he insisted on talking about it. Maka then leaves angrily, with Medusa being amused by her irritation. She then looks for the files on Maka, only to be surprised by their absence. Stein intervenes, questioning Medusa's "worry" about Soul and Maka. The witch states that a lot had happened to them recently, while cursing at him internally. When Stein questions Medusa on Maka's perscription, she claims it is a personal herbal medicine that improves circulation and pulse, which it is in a way. This is while contemplating killing him and wondering how much he knows. Medusa says that she is crazy about herbs and couldn't just do nothing for Maka and Soul. When he insinuates she's a witch, she has a moment of killing intent but instead claims calling her such is harassment based on her appearence.[29]

Soul Eater Episode 18 - Medusa and Stein dance

Medusa and Stein dance as she reveals her true nature and intention.

Later, Medusa then instructs Eruka on gathering the case containing the Black Blood with her Snakes.[30] Rendezvousing with her group members later, she tells Eruka to open the case with the Black Blood as well as asking about the status of Free's Demon Eye, who comments he can control an Independent Cube. Medusa is ecstatic, proclaiming she's been waiting for the day in particular to launch her move.[31]

Informed by Eruka of their arrival later during the DWMA's Anniversary Eve via her Snakes, she instructs them to await at a location and wait for her signal, though is interrupted by a seemingly drunken Stein wanting to dance, much to her embarrassment.[32]

Soul Eater Episode 18 - Medusa leans in for a kiss

Medusa tries to tempt Stein to fall onto her side.

Stein later questions Medusa, revealing he had sent Sid to her laboratory in Libya, deducing her to be a Witch. Though Medusa buffs accusations with claims he's drunk, he reveals he wasn't to begin with and further deduces she is interested in the Kishin under the DWMA. Angered, she expresses intent to kill him if Death wasn't in the same room. She confirms his conclusions, claiming the Kishin's power is evolution itself and the DWMA hinders it and "maintains the status quo", with her intentions to undo the DWMA's effort. She then tries swaying Stein to come to her side, nearly kissing him. However, Sid interrupts and Medusa makes uses of the diversion, assisting Free with creating a Independent Cube with the Magic Calculation spell along with Eruka. Expressing the group having little idle time, Crona appears with the Mizune Family, trusting them to destroy Death City as her group then moves to resurrect the Kishin underground.[33]

A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration ArcEdit


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