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Medusa Gorgon (メデューサ・ゴーゴン, Medyūsa Gōgon) is the first and most active main antagonist in Soul Eater. She is the witch who is the mother of Crona and manipulates Crona into collecting every soul they come across. She is also the creator of Black Blood.


Medusa was one of the Gorgon Sisters, being the second born. Eight hundred years ago, she assissted Arachne in her fight with Death. However, she later betrayed her and left her for dead. Since then, she began creating  "Black Blood ". Centuries later, she had a child she named Crona . She then melted a demon weapon known as Ragnarok with the black blood and replace Crona's own blood with Black Blood. Since then, she gained an interest in harnessing Madness. She decided to pose as a nurse at Shibusen to learn where the Kishin was sealed.  



Medusa's soul

Medusa is an incredibly sinister and evil individual, as well as a very powerful witch. Her greatest skill is her ability to manipulate almost anyone, due to her unbelievably high skills in acting. In her true personality, Medusa has a view of the entire world as a place of stasis, where nothing evolves or changes. She hates this so much that she went to the extent of resurrecting Kishin Asura in order to make the world mold back into "motion". She also takes incredible pleasure in others' pain when she is the one causing it, and when her experiments are working. She is so sinister that she can even subject her own child, Crona, to unimaginably torturous punishments, like locking him/her in a dark room for many days without food or water whenever he/she fails to do what she commands them to do, and gives him/her terrifying orders such as to devour many human souls.

She is easily angered by those who create a road block in her experiments or in the "evolution" of the world, and usually tries to eliminate these problems.

Although she seems so dark, to say that Medusa has no love in her is a false statement. Deep within Medusa is her own, unique, sinister form of love that comes out extremely rarely. She expresses romantic love specifically towards her confirmed crush, Dr. Stein, whom she finds attractive because of his inner darkness. She also has a motherly love towards Crona, which only comes out after Crona has become a fearsome killer and spreader of Madness. Uniquely, in both cases, Medusa had openly stated that she loved the person right before the same person kills her.

However, in the anime, Stein states the little love Medusa has in her is only a hoax. He calls her out on this in his first battle with her, stating "At your core, Medusa, you're just like me. You could never understand a concept like love." Based on her evil and manipulative actions, this could very well be true.

Despite this, Medusa is primarily proven to be the most evil individual in the series, even more than Asura. In the anime, Maka's Majin Hunt technique, a technique based on erasing all evil, is the only thing able to kill her for the reason that she is pure evil. In contrary, when Maka utilizes the kishin hunter (A more powerful variant) against Asura, it is unable to kill Asura because he is actually the embodiment of madness, which is not completely evil.


Medusa is a woman with a fairly average physical build, and a large, black, dotted snake tattoo winding down either arm. Her facial features consist of eyes containing yellow irises with black pupils, and blonde hair arranged in a spiked style, with two long strands extending downwards framing either side of her face, that entwine each other like a caduceus' snake to rest upon her chest. While she wears many outfits over the course of the series, the most notable and common of these is a black body-length suit with hood, which extends downwards to her knees. The hood itself is adorned with an eye-like marking upon either side which, interestingly, when worn in addition to the shape of her hair, gives it the appearance of a snake's mouth, with teeth and fangs. Medusa also has a tail which is shaped like an arrow. It is notable that she is always barefoot, when not in disguise, with unique toenail and fingernail polish that is black featuring yellow arrows pointing upwards. On an interesting note, she is often introduced feet first throughout the series.

Medusa's witch animal theme is snakes. She uses the magic chant "Snake snake cobra cobubra", and is themed with arrow markings. Also when she gets serious or just wants to be scary, her face takes on the likeness of a snake.

Her soul also takes a snake-like theme, closely resembling the head of the Gorgon of Greek Legend, Medusa. However, instead of snakes it has the same vector arrows that are present within Medusa's spells and features a purple color.

After the revival of the Kishin Asura and her defeat by Stein and Spirit, she was forced to take possession of the young child's body. This gave her the same build and frame of the child, while still retaining the majority of her original form's appearance. However, the body did have some practicalities, as she found it particularly useful in deceiving many people. Medusa still attires herself with the usual hoodie but this one has two snakes like extensions that are attached at the neck. There is also an apparent white snake head motif on its front. Perhaps the most noticeable change in Medusa's appearance is the absence of the snake tattoos on her arms.

Seeing the opportunity after Arachne's defeat by Maka during the capture of Baba Yaga's Castle, Medusa leaves her previous victim and transfers herself to the empty shell of Arachne's body. This current possession shifts Medusa's appearance much closer to her original form but now bearing Arachne's black hair color arranged in Medusa's typical style. She chooses to also adopt her typical long hoodie preceding the transformation, with it now featuring an indistinct spider's web patterning surrounding the neck line.

Medusa also has a nick on her left eyebrow originally. However, the nick vanishes when she possesses Rachel and Arachne.


Main Article: Medusa's Relationships

Due to her status as a witch, Many humans see her as a natural enemy. To witches, she's seen as an untrustworthy individual. Many people are fooled by her appearance and manipulation skills. It's because of this she's a very dangerous enemy. She also is adept in putting fear to those who work alongside with her. Even earing respect from those like Eureka, who has shown to openly dislike Medusa.

Powers & Abilities


Medusa's Vectors

Medusa's Vector Arrows.

Her magical theme is a snake and utilizes Vector Magic and is aware of various Witch Magic Arts like Artihmetic Magic. She's regarded as a one of the Most Powerful Witches and not many are on her caliber, as said by Eureka. Medusa has various abilities her magic can do. By using her magical abilities, Medusa has the ability to survive death by concealing her soul within a snake.She also has to ability to possess other bodies. By entering someone's body as a snake, she can take complete control. Medusa also has thousands of snakes in her body ready to do her bidding without the need to drop her soul protection, which also allows her to avoid being discovered by others. She's one of the few witches to have magical offensive capabilities that doesn't require her to drop the Soul Protect Technique. Medusa also has the ability to curse others with magic that can accelerate Madness. She had used this on Stein via a snake which Crona implanted into Marie  without her knowledge of it.

Combat Skills

Medusa's Combat Prowess

Medusa's Combat skills are on par with Stein's Combat Skills.

Medusa is an extremely skilled witch. Combined with her intellect and power, she is one of the most powerful antagonists of the series. She is able to hold her own against a powerful Death Scythe like Justin Law[1] & is on par with Stein even while he was wielding Spirit.[2] The size of her soul is the largest witch soul shown throughout the series, though she isn't up to her sister, Arachne's caliber after becoming one with Madness nor the likes of Mabaa.


Medusa is very intelligent and is considered a scientific genius in her own right. She had successfully figured out Shibusen's secret [3] from her time as a nurse and invented the Black Blood, which can turn one into a Kishin via resonating with them from the insanity.[4] She is arguably one of the smartest characters in the series. Medusa is also very skilled in manipulating and deceiving others. She is capable of bending almost anyone to her will through methods varying from false kindness to blackmail and even torture. The best proof of her actor and manipulation skills is the fact that she managed to live unnoticed in Shibusen just under nose of Death himself.

Due to her being a sinister and cunning individual, many characters who know of or met Medusa have noted of how evil she is. This is most apparent for Crona, as he/she is immensely afraid of her and other characters such as Free (an immortal) and Eureka (a Witch) doesn't dare step out of line. She often uses this to control her victims, who knows of her capabilities.


Snake Familiars Manipulation

Witches Magic

Vector Magic

Arithmetic Magic

Soul Eater

Demon Sword Ragnarok

In the middle of the night, a strange figure is seen hovering upon a broomstick, over the darkened Santa Maria Novella Basilica. It is then revealed that this mysterious character is the witch Medusa, speaking softly to the person located inside the church, who is called Crona. The conversation asks an unsure Crona to consume a lot of souls but results in Medusa needing to cast a spell to provoke the greatly required confidence (madness) to perform the task.

It's only during Maka and Crona's confrontation that Medusa's influence displays itself once again, telling Crona not to take it so easily as it was okay to take any soul they wanted. While these events occur Medusa demonstrates little regard or concern over any injury inflicted on Crona, however, after the entrance of both Dr. Stein and Spirit into the fight, Medusa is left with no option other than to intervene and reveal her presence. She quickly casts Vector Arrow to dispel the opponents, using this opportunity to grab the heavily injured Crona and flee into the darkness.

The Soul that Persisted

Medusa appeared alongside Crona and Ragnarok.

The Experiment

Medusa has Free to test Soul and Maka on the Black Blood.

Black Dragon

Medusa sends Crona on the Black Dragon, and still poses as a school nurse.

The Anniversary

Medusa activates her plans in which she waited for Shinigami-sama and all academy students to gather in a single room. After the gathering, she and Eruka helped Free cast a spell which creates a barrier around the calculated area. The Mizune family took no part of this as they were destroying the academy's outer giant candles.

The Eve's Fight to The Death

Medusa sends Eruka and Free to resurrect Kishin with Black Blood. To ensure success she tried stop Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, Black☆Star, Kid, Liz and Patty from advancing into Shibusen depths. Failing to do so she battled Stein. Even though she had the upper hand at first, she accidentally dropped her defenses as she noticed the Asura was revived, allowing Stein to slice her in half. Unwilling to allow the pair to consume her soul, she still managed to attack Stein one last time by biting him in the shoulder, intentionally provoking him to land the final blow as she smiled and said "I love you". Using the final blow, she shattered her own soul into pieces and reformed it inside the body of one of her snakes in order to escape alive.


Later on after the revival of the Kishin Asura, Medusa is observed in the disguise of a snake covered with numerous vector patterns, among the trash located in one of Death City's many alleyways. An unfortunately curious dog intrudes upon her present condition, and she takes the opportunity to slither into its mouth, possessing it's body. Soon after, a young girl by the name of Rachel Boyd, stumbles upon it. The attraction of a friendly dog seems to be too much for the girl and she quickly gives chase as the dog retreats into the alley, failing to heed her mother's words to not stroke it. As she finally reaches the dogs position, the aforementioned snake suddenly emerges from its mouth and forces its way into hers. All appears to be fine when her mother gets there but some strange behaviors soon cause some concern within her mother, especially when Rachel crushes a large spider and begins muttering about someone called Arachne. It is here that Medusa and her possession of Rachel is revealed, and the witch quickly takes her leave.

Soon after, a visitor, claiming to be Arachne's younger sister, is announced at Baba Yaga's Castle. It is revealed to be Medusa in Rachel's body.

Reunion Express

After the events that transpired previously, a conversation ensues between the two siblings about the current situation and the circumstances leading up to it. The discussion details the exact occurrences of Medusa's miraculous secret escape, explaining that she actually shattered her soul into tiny bits and regrouped them inside one of her snakes, to not only escape but also to avoid her soul from being either captured by Stein or eaten by Spirit. Arachne questions her on her true motives behind the visit but very little emerges before Medusa turns to leave. This appears to provoke everyone to prepare for a confrontation, however, the meeting ends relatively calmly and Medusa is accompanied out by a masked member. It's at this point that the person is revealed to be none other than Eruka, who had previously infiltrated the organization under Medusa's orders, along with the other members of her group.

Medusa presents herself again later, in a darkened corner of Death City and in the middle of the night, to a very shocked Crona. She exchanges pleasantries by claiming she was not only worried about Crona, but also missed her child. However, the conversation quickly changes as the true motivation behind the contact emerges and Medusa requests that Crona to spy on Shibusen, using her position as a mother to play on Crona's insecurities and entice agreement.

Brew Tempest

Medusa sends Eruka and Mizune to collect brew

The Investigation

Medusa posing as Rachael watch the death of BJ.


Medusa ordered Crona to come back for more experiments.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

After getting her hands on the legendary artifact "Brew", Medusa makes a deal with Shibusen and leads a group of students in an attack against her older sister Arachne and the massive organization Arachnophobia with Maka under the impression that she is doing so in order to get back Crona (who she is lead to believe was kidnapped by Arachnophobia). Medusa leads the invasion on Baba Yaga's castle and eventually makes it to Arachne's chamber with Maka and Soul at her side. However, she is suddenly attacked by a "Puppet Hex" from her sister along with Maka and Soul. Medusa manages to escape the spell and the group proceed into the chamber, where they discover Arachne's body, the witch apparently dead. It is soon revealed that Arachne is still alive but without a body, taking the form of madness instead. She then quickly disposes of Medusa with a madness attack, leaving her incapacitated for the rest of the battle.

After Maka defeats Arachne, Medusa takes the opportunity to take over her discarded body. It is then revealed that she was merely using Shibusen to accomplish her means. She then promptly dubs Maka too dangerous to witches due to her soul perception abilities and is about to dispose of her when she is interrupted by the arrival of the Death Scythe Tezca Tlipoca and his partner Enrique. Before any real fighting can commence, Tezca gives Medusa the option to flee, mentioning that the Shibusen forces outside will raid the castle any minute. Medusa indeed takes him up on the offer, as Arachne's residual consciousness is fighting back for control of her body, but not before telling an enraged Maka that she will never hand over Crona.

Black Feathers vs. White Feathers

In the middle of the night and located within a mysterious building; Medusa is revealed just as she utters the words, "It's time Crona", which only serves to illicit numerous long screeches/screams from her child.

The Witch's Research

While Kirikou Rung and Kim Diehl furiously confront The Black Clown, Medusa attentively watches the test of her recent creation from a concealed location. She firstly evaluates the extent of its ability to induce madness, noting that it is considerably less than an authentic Clown, before explaining that if this experiment succeeds the creature will not only have the same madness as a Kishin but will also be able to correspond with it, eventually resonating with its soul and becoming one itself. With this Medusa decides upon the conduction of another experiment and orders Crona to prepare, stating that she won't let Noah surpass her.

After observing the battle for an extended period, Medusa decides that if the Man-made Clown can endure Kirikou's powerful attacks the result will be acceptable. Seemingly in reaction to this Kirikou is forced into using E3, resulting in Medusa seeming to be distraught at the creature's apparent destruction. However, when it's head is revealed to still remain, she immediately becomes overjoyed at the experiment's success.

Abyss, Uncleanliness, Darkness

Medusa then proceeds to divert her attention towards the other experiment involving Crona. The Black Clown returns to Crona and Ragnarock's side and fuses with them - granting Crona enhanced Black Blood Armor and three Demon Swords. Medusa observes from a distance as Crona battles Black☆Star. Medusa is shocked by Black☆Star's incredible strength, even being able to crack the Black Blood with his fists alone. She comments that she never expected Crona to defeat Black☆Star but that she at least thought they would last longer. She compliments Black☆Star and says that his claim to surpass God doesn't seem so ridiculous anymore.

She is then confronted by Justin Law and The Clown. She remarks that this is not their first confrontation as his interference before was the reason her research materials were captured by Spartoi. Law attacks without hesitation, forcing Medusa to go on the defensive. She immediately orders Eruka and Mizune to retrieve Crona and retreat. Justin fuses with The Clown and scolds Medusa for insulting the Kishin with her artificial clown. He promises to show her the "true fear of insanity". Medusa finds herself trapped within the fused guillotine-like body of Justin and the Clown - on the verge of execution.

Love Triangle

Medusa who is trapped listens to Justin judging her for her crimes but just snarks back at him. "You think that you can punish me? How arrogant. You're the one who betrayed Shinigami. Tell me, what do you think that your sentence will be? What gives you the right to be the one to punish me?". "This is God's judgment," Justin replies. A voice screams "Stop it!", but Medusa's decapitated head rolls onto the floor.

Suddenly, Medusa attacks Justin with a Vector Arrow. Justin blocks the attack and asks Medusa if she had a pleasant nightmare, with a smile on his face. Medusa had used the The Purple-Dyed Clown she'd also created to guard herself from Justin's "Madness Attack". Justin is rather displeased with the little creature, saying: "How much more must you blaspheme against the Lord Kishin before you can be satisfied..." Medusa answers saying: "I'm a witch. It's our job to blaspheme against the Gods.". Justin attacks her with one of his blades and Medusa dodges by ducking. Medusa then sends 17 Vector Arrows at Justin, but there isn't even a need for him to dodge like Medusa did with his blade. Medusa then fuses the The Purple-Dyed Clown with one of her snake familiars via Madness Fusion which in turn changes its shape. Her other four snakes do the same. They gain three arrows on their heads, and their shapes become more spiky.

Medusa sends them to attack Justin. He dodges one but is hit shortly after by another. The snake familiar bites him and smashes him against the ceiling, only to have another one bite him and hit him against the wall. Medusa calls him a brat, thinking the fight is over. But Justin had in fact caught one of the snakes in his guillotine form. Blood drips from beneath his mask. Justin then traps the rest of them and beheads all the snake familiars, saying: "Your head is next!" to Medusa. Medusa then sees another Medusa and Justin sees another Justin where the (fake) Medusa stands. Justin identifies the strange doppelganger as Tezca Tlipoca. Justin sees flashes of his past and Medusa sees a flashback of Crona and says "Damn...". She listens to the conversation that unfolds between Justin and Tezca and leaves, annoyed.


Medusa sends Crona to Ukraine to cause havoc and kill Tsar Pushka and his Meister Feodor as a experiment to test Black Blood since Death Scythe posses Anti-Demon Wavelength.

Mad Blood

Crona fights while Medusa watches.

A Simple Story About Killing People

Crona returns home from his attack in Ukraine and is immediately welcomed in an unusually warm manner by Medusa. She takes his/her coat and directs Crona to their dining room. She states that she had made Crona's favorite food, pasta, and worked effectively to cook it as well as possible for him/her.

The two then begin to eat at the table together and Medusa begins to speak to Crona in an unexpectedly motherly manner. Informing him/her that she made plenty of seconds for him/her, and that after they were done eating, Crona could shower and go to bed to rest. Crona then begins to silently have violent flashbacks of Medusa during their childhood that contradicted her personality at the table, those involving when she would take away food (and probably water) as punishment. However, he/she remains silent.

Suddenly, Medusa asks Crona for forgiveness of all the horrifying things she had done to him/her, stating that he/she has grown up and helped her immensely. She then gets up and walks over to Crona, and puts her hand on his/her shoulder. Then finally, in another act of manipulation, she embraces Crona, proclaiming that he/she is her pride.

Crona at first seems to enjoy the first ever display of affection towards him/her from his/her mother, but he/she soon begins to say that she cannot treat him/her so gently. Crona states that for as long as he/she has wanted affection from Medusa, in the very end, when he/she is given it, when she finally acts like a real mother, he/she does not know how to deal with it.

Crona removes Ragnarok, and stabs Medusa's body. Crona then tells her that he/she threw everything he/she ever enjoyed or wanted for her, because she commanded him/her to. Crona even remembers Maka, and refers to her as "the only person who ever really loved" him/her. Crona comes to the conclusion that all that he/she had done for Medusa came out to be for nothing more than his/her usual inability to understand and deal with things.

Crona begins to dismember Medusa, slicing her with two Demon Swords, making her fall to the ground. As Medusa looks up to Crona, Crona screams that he/she does not know who she is anymore and inflicts his/her anger on her with a massacre of slicing blows...

Medusa's vector-shaped blood is seen on the ground, and Crona is seen confirming that she is dead and that he/she killed her. Suddenly, Medusa's massacred face is seen with the most beastly, ferocious smile she has ever expressed, and she screams that the Black Blood is complete now that Crona had thrown away everyone and everything that ever meant something to him/her. As Crona is seen about to deliver the final blow, Medusa calmly says her mind-burning final words: "I love you Crona".


Medusa appears with Crona and the weapon Ragnarok working for her. She is also a nurse at the Shibusen, but no one knows her true identity. She implants snakes in Eruka Frog's body and forces her to work for her, such as releasing Free from his imprisonment. Eventually Stein becomes suspicious of her, and Sid confirms that she is a witch, narrowly surviving Eruka's attempts to assassinate him.

Medusa, Crona, Eruka, and Free go beneath the academy to reawaken Asura. Stein fights Medusa while Maka fights Crona and purifies his soul. Eventually Stein and Medusa enter a stalemate, with Medusa paralyzed by Stein and her tail pointed at him set to kill him if he should move. But when Asura is awakened, Medusa lets her guard down. Stein chops her in half, and later stabs her with his scythe. Medusa's body is destroyed, but due to the madness waves from Asura's awakening she is able to transfer her soul into the body of a snake.

Medusa possesses a girl named Rachel and briefly talks with her sister Arachne. She makes Crona put a snake inside Marie's tea which increases Stein's madness from Asura awakening. She later allows herself to be taken prisoner by Shibusen and makes a deal with Death, that they let her go and no one from the academy allowed to lay a hand on her, and in return she give them the location of Asura and Arachne, in order to set up a battle so the two will destroy each other. Death reluctantly accepts.

However, with Crona expelled from Shibusen for his/her betrayal and Marie quitting her job, Death sends the two after Medusa. They fight her, but she gains the upper hand, until Maka, who no longer trusts the academy, arrives. With Stein's madness taking control he is on Medusa's side now, until Marie heals him. Stein distracts Medusa, and Maka slashes Medusa with the evil-destroying Majin Hunt, which does no damage to Rachel but drives Medusa out and destroys her. Her final words to Maka are that the Majin Hunt might not be powerful enough to defeat Asura.

Medusa's snake is seen in the credits of the final episode; however, there is nothing to suggest that her soul is inside it this time, given that earlier she said she only survived her transfer into it after her fight with Stein because of the madness waves from Asura's awakening and would not survive it again (however some have theorized that due to her deceptive nature she may have lied about the nature of her regeneration. Her ability may in fact be limitless unless her soul is devoured. It makes sense that she wouldn't reveal this to anyone else, as she would want to retain the element of surprise in the event of her revival).


  • The way Medusa repeatedly jumps from one body to another possessing them would be like how a snake would shed its skin.
  • As of episode 45 in the anime; her soul is removed from Rachel Boyd's body by Maka's Majin Hunt, however, this never happened in the actual manga.
  • Medusa's name is an reference to Greek mythology's, Medusa, who was one of three Gorgons, just as Medusa is one of the three Gorgon sisters in the series. She also happens to be the only one revealed so far to have the same name as one of the actual Gorgon sisters, as Arachne is named after a woman who turned into a spider by Athena in Greek Mythology. 'Medusa' is also the Italian and Russian word for 'jellyfish'.
  • Medusa's Vector theme appears to be based on Shotaro's "Bones of Medusa"'s ability to fire vectors/snakes like Medusa's vectors from Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi.
  • In the "Atsushi Bar" postface of volume 4, it is revealed that Medusa's braid is curling to the right when she is as a witch and curling to the left when she is as a nurse. However, the first time she appears as a witch, her braid is mistakenly curling to the left.
  • In episode 40 of the anime, it is seen that on her prison door, her name is misspelled as "Witch Medousa".


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