Medusa's Army in the anime
Medusa's Army

Medusa's Army[1] was a group comprised mostly of witch and witch-like individuals allied with and/or worked under Medusa Gorgon. They follow her all for different reasons but nonetheless are aware of her goal to revive the infamous Kishin, Asura, to recreate the world, doing anything it takes to do so. They also served to be her underlings until her death in both the anime and manga.


Enlisting Eruka

Man with the Demon Eye

Kishin Revival

Battle for BREW

Operation Capture Baba Yaga

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc (Anime)

In the Anime storyline following the capture of "BREW" on Lost Island, Eruka Frog meets up with Crona where she learns that Crona is expressing concern for Professor Stein but Eruka tells him/her that they helped Medusa acquire BREW before the DWMA got the device and praises Crona for helping them.

Later on, Eruka arrives at Medusa's Lair telling her about Crona's behavior. Medusa begins to think Crona might not be of any use soon and orders Eruka to return to DWMA to order Crona back with her and her army. At first Crona doesn't want to leave, but when he/she and Ragnarok are at a picnic with their friends when they discover that Marie made the food and Maka Albarn and the others are planning on visiting Professor Stein. This finally makes Crona realize that he/she cannot stay at the academy. Maka later catches up with Crona and they talk about Maka's mother and about how much Maka loves her mother despite the fact she doesn't get to see her. After this conversation, Crona leaves Death City but decides not to return to Medusa. After falling into a desert pit (after a brief fight with Ragnarok), Maka and Soul soon locate him/her. Crona cries in fear of losing Maka's friendship because he/she betrayed the academy and cause Professor Stein to become insane. Maka hugs Crona, reassuring him/her that she will always be his/her friend. She is not upset with Crona at all when Crona confesses to betraying the academy, knowing Crona was pressured into it by Medusa. However Death is not very forgiving, he orders Crona to be expelled for his/her betrayal despite Maka's objection. Crona is then imprisoned in the dungeon.

Medusa however surrenders to DWMA and makes a deal with Death and Spirit Albarn, she gives them the location of BREW and gives information about Asura's whereabouts (who as joined with Arachne Gorgon) in exchange for her freedom and protection of her peers. Following the spreading of Asura's madness from the Madness Relay base devices, Medusa is set free however Professor Stein disappears.

Later on after the deal, Eruka is amazed how Medusa was able to make a deal with Death while Free is worried about either DWMA or Arachnophobia will go after them is one of them survives the upcoming battle of the Kishin. Medusa tells Free that Death won't break their deal and Arachne will be killed by Asura. She then leaves to bring Stein to their lair.

Medusa sends Eruka, Free, and the Mizune sisters to spy on Arachnophobia, while she and Stein watches the battle from her globe. Unknown to Medusa, Death sends Crona and Marie (who had quit DWMA) after Medusa to rescue Stein and Rachel Boyd (the girl who is being possessed by Medusa) and kill the witch. Once learning that Crona is no longer wanting to listen to her, a battle in her lair begins. Medusa and Stein get the upper hand during the fight and before Medusa (who sends soul waves into Crona, disconnecting the link between Crona and Ragnarok which renders Crona's black blood useless until the soul waves wear off) deals a final blow to her child; Maka comes and blocks the Vector Blade from slicing him/her. With Maka joining the fight (and breaking the treaty), she works with Marie and Crona to stop Medusa and save Professor Stein. Stein appears to be too strong, and easily blocks off all attacks. As Crona and the others rest, Medusa tries to use a Vector Arrow to kill Maka. Crona jumps in the way and takes the blow instead at the last second, getting gravely injured. Ragnarok appears to be dying as well from loss of blood. Maka begins to cry as she watches Crona slowly dying in front of her, but Crona tells her not to cry because he/she is final happy for the first time in his/her life. Soon after saying that, Crona is assumed to have died from the attack. Maka, horrified over the death of Crona, becomes berserk with rage and almost loses herself to madness like she did the night the Kishin was revived. However, Marie calms both Maka and Stein; she then saves Stein from madness using the Wavelength of Redemption. With Stein acting as Marie's meister, a Chain Resonance between the remaining parties occurs; before this occurs Stein informs Maka that he feels Crona's soul still in Medusa's layer and he can still save Crona and Ragnarok. While Stein distracts and leads Medusa, Maka unleashes her anti-demon wavelength's Majin Hunt, cutting off Medusa's soul from Rachel Boyd's body and slicing the soul in half, finally finishing off the witch for good.

Eruka, Free, and the Mizune's realize that Medusa is dead decides that they should abandon Baba Yaga Castle. They witness the epic battle against the Death City Robot and the capture of Asura (and his escape following the defeat of Death in the Death Room). They move away from the castle's ruins when Asura creates a dome that protects him (after he killed Arachne) and when Maka and her friends get inside to fight him.

Following Asura's defeat, they are seen in a wooded area together with a snake bearing Medusa's marks on a tree limb behind them. As for Crona, Crona is able to recover from the surgery and is present in the Death Room to watch the battle with Maka and her friends battling the Kishin. Crona tells everyone in the room that the Kishin-Hunt isn't what Maka needs to win against Asura, Crona explains that the true strength comes from her heart and that it is not a technique. What Crona was alluding to is bravery, which Maka uses to successfully defeating Asura once and for all. Death (having recovered from his injuries) pardons Crona for betraying them and allows Crona back into DWMA as a full-time student. The final credits for the last episode hints that Crona moved in with Maka and Soul in their apartment.

Witch Experiment

Medusa's Death

Members of Medusa's Army

Name Position Status
Medusa GorgonLeaderDeceased
Eruka FrogMember Left
Mizune FamilyMember(s)Left
FreeMember Left
CronaMember Left
RagnarokMember Left
Black ClownMember Unknown
Portable Purple ClownMember Unknown


  1. Soul Eater Volume 4 page 205 — The preview for Volume 5 names Medusa's group "Medusa's Army".

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