This article is about Tsubaki's version of the Uncanny Sword, including it's advanced variant known as "Masamune". You may be looking for Masamune's variant of the Uncanny sword or the character, Masamune..

Normal Form | Advance Form
Uncanny Sword
Weapon Form Data
English Title Mode: Uncanny Sword
Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form — Masamune (影☆星・零ノ型「正宗」 Kage☆Boshi: Zero no Kata "Masamune"
Alternate Title(s) Enchanted Blade
Masamune (Advanced Form)
User(s) Black☆Star
Human Form Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Classification(s) Multi-Form Ability
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Chapter 68 (Masamune)
Anime Debut Episode 10

Mode: Uncanny Sword (モード「妖刀」, Mōdo "Yōtō") is one of the Demon Shadow Weapon transformation gained after Tsubaki Nakatsukasa consumed her brother's soul and absorbed his transformation as her own.[1] In its more advanced form, it is known as Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form — Masamune (影☆星・零ノ型「正宗」, Kage☆Boshi: Zero no Kata "Masamune") or simply Masamune.[2]



  • Shadow☆Star: Gathering Cutter (影☆星 寄せ斬り, Kage☆Boshi Yosegiri):[3]


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