Marionette's Rain
Shadow Puppet - (11)
Technique Data
English Title Shadow Puppet
Alternate Title(s)
Type Shadow
Derived Magic
User(s) Masamune Nakatsukasa
Ryōku (Possessed)
Class Offensive
Real World Data
Manga Debut 7
Anime Debut 11

Marionette's Rain (マリオネットの雨, Marionetto no Ame) called "Puppet Rain" in the anime, is a Shadow technique used by Masamune of the Nakatsukasa Clan using multiple Shadow Puppets to pierce the oppenent's flesh.

Overview & Usage

Through use of shadows created through the Puppet Shadow technique, Masamune is able to restrain his opponent, so as to conduct further attacks against his enemy without being hindered. This ability is only available while he is present within his "internal" dimension, where he can produce the numerous shadows required. However; as the technique occurs in such a location, they can emerge from the ground anywhere in the surrounding area, making the attack even harder to evade.

In the anime, the shadows prevent movement by simply wrapping their "arms" around many of the intended target's limbs, however, in the manga they instead pierce the victim multiple times which results in the same effect.

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