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Romantic RelationshipsEdit

Franken SteinEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 61 - Stein and Marie

Marie and Stein confront Justin

Marie shares as close a friendship with Stein as she does with Azusa, if not even closer. She is very gentle and understanding of Stein, and can share a conversation about just about anything with him. She treats Stein as a best friend, and is constantly concerned for his health and well-being. The two seem be happier when around each other, and Marie's personality makes an extremely noticeable difference on Stein. The two are so close that Marie was even able to openly ask Stein if the two could temporarily live at Stein's house together without the slightest hesitation, and Stein was able to allow her without question.

Marie also does not appear to be frightened by Stein's Madness or commonly disturbing hobbies and sadistic personality. Marie is also very comfortable with Stein, even seeing the usually avoided man as a shoulder to cry on. When the two were still attending the Academy, Stein somehow became Marie's first love.[1] This was not through a relationship, rather, an untold love by Marie. Apparently, the two never got any closer than how they currently are, but it has been suggested, and even stated in general, that Marie may still have some romantic feelings for Stein. Although Marie denies still seeing Stein romantically, she does show an extra form of care for him.

She also appeared to become jealous of Arisa when she was flirting and blushing at Stein, so much that she left the meeting they were having at the time. Stein, however, appears to be completely oblivious to this side of Marie. She tends to defend Stein above all else, and seems angry when people define him by his madness. While talking to Kid in the aftermath of the battle of the moon, it was shown that Marie was pregnant with Stein's child.

Joe ButtatakiEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 39 - Marie and Joe

Joe offers the shirt off his back for Marie

Joe is Marie's ex-boyfriend. The two broke up as Joe feared that his "soul perception" may grow so powerful that he could see through her. She attempted to rub this decision in his face, initially not knowing the reason why he did it or the fact that he regretted it. Upon learning the truth, she decided to rekindle their relationship; unfortunately, Joe is murdered the night she made this decision, leaving her devastated. Marie adopts a new attire resembling his to honor him after his death.

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Azusa YumiEdit

Marie punches Azusa

Marie punches Azusa

The two maintain a reasonably close friendship, and Marie does not see Azusa in the same light as most others do. The two are often seen sharing personal conversations with each other, mostly in relation to Marie. Azusa is the voice of reason to some of Marie's obsessive tendencies, calming her when she gets upset about having work to do and voicing her opinion on Marie's love life. At times, this relationship can become violent, usually when Azusa questions Marie's judgment for focusing on her love life rather than her current work as a Death Weapon. In response, Marie may punch Azusa in the face—but Azusa seems to recover quickly, physically and emotionally, and continues to reach out to her friend.[2] Azusa sees Marie as a mentor, referring to her as her elder and "senpai."[3]

She is acquainted with rare, personal information about Marie, such as the fact that Stein was the first person she fell in love with, and the two are also sometimes seen gossiping. Marie also appears to be very comfortable with Azusa, even so far as be able to find comfort in her, such as when she hugged Azusa when Spirit appeared to frighten her a bit in their meeting with Shinigami after the Kishin's revival, an action that many would view as extremely rare when it comes to Azusa's general personality.


Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Marie finds Crona 3

Marie offers to lead Crona and Ragnarok back to their room

Marie and Crona share a very close relationship, and Marie treats Crona in a very gentle, friendly fashion, resembling Maka's manner of treating them. Crona intensely enjoys this part of Marie and often becomes more happy and comforted when around her. Marie particularly likes Crona, regarding them as a "good kid" who is "so sweet and quiet."[4]

Marie acknowledges that Crona is an extremely gentle soul, and does whatever she can to help them no matter the situation. She also shows great enthusiasm in brightening Crona up, and enjoys seeing them happy, and making them feel better when something appears to be wrong. Marie has also stated that Crona is one of the focal points in which she enjoys teaching at the DWMA so much. When viewed side-by-side, Marie is the complete opposite of Medusa.

In the manner of treating Crona, acting around Crona, and even in Crona's personality towards her, it is rational to believe that Crona may view Marie in a motherly way, with her doing the same. Marie has never exhibited as much kindness and friendliness as she does with Crona with any other individual in the series.

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation


Marie has never seen Ragnarok in anything other than his shrunken form, which she finds incredibly "cute". The two don't share a very close relationship, but Marie views Ragnarok as a friend through Crona. Oddly, despite Ragnarok's general personality, he appears to act noticeably nicer to Marie in his own twisted way.

Sid BarrettEdit

Marie and Sid know each other from when the two used to attend the Academy together. They appear to be familiar each other quite well and share an average friendship. Marie is particularly excited when she meets Sid again after she returned to the DWMA, throwing her arms up and yelling his name whilst running towards him when she first saw him.

Sid appears to be aware of Marie's personality, and even instructs Maka to show Marie around the Academy upon seeing Marie from a fair distance and immediately recognizing that she was lost due to her sense of direction. Sid also seems to admire Marie's technique in introducing herself to Crona, which Sid had failed in doing earlier.

Mira NaigusEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 40 - Marie and Naigus

Marie and Mira discuss Stein

Marie and Mira both work together at the Academy as weapons. They appear to be familiar with each other as coworkers, and likely through their mutual associate Sid—Marie as his former classmate and now fellow teacher, and Mira as his current weapon.

While Mira is aware of Marie's concerns for Stein's well-being, she also is more adamant that Marie be careful around him. Before Marie leaves with Stein to find Joe Buttataki's actual murderer, Mira warns that Stein will not bring Marie happiness because that scientist lacks love: "He's alone...and always will be." Marie responds, "That's why I have to go," otherwise Stein really will be destroyed by madness, permanently. After this remark, Mira and their peers allow Marie to depart with Stein for this covert mission.[5]

Spirit AlbarnEdit

Metsu Shoryuken Marie Style

Marie punches Spirit

Marie seems to share a similar relationship with Spirit as she does with Sid, as the two know each other, likely from being classmates and hence acting as acquaintances. Marie and Spirit's relationship also revolves around the two being partners of Stein's, hence the two share mutual concern for his mental wellbeing, especially after Asura's resurrection and Joe Buttataki's murder. Both Marie and Spirit agree to help Stein escape capture from the DWMA so he may find Joe's actual killer.

Spirit also seems to be more relaxed than Marie, whether teasing her or desiring to have fun rather than only work. For example, when Marie reunited with her ex-boyfriend Joe during his investigation for the DWMA mole, Spirit was giggling at Marie's attractive black dress, thinking she was trying too hard to impress Joe. But Spirit was willing to offer signals to Marie not to try to hard to appeal to Joe, trying to help her present herself more confidently. When Marie then coughed up Medusa's snake, Spirit teased her as having delivered birth, annoying her.

Marie and Spirit also can have intense disagreements that, as with her interactions with Azusa, can become violent. When Spirit transformed Death's serious meeting to plan the rescue of Kid from the Book of Eibon, Marie expressed outrage that he invited the Chupa♡Cabra's employees to turn the meeting into a glorified party. When Spirit, upset, told her she needed to loosen up, Marie punched him in the mouth.

Maka AlbarnEdit

Marie and Maka share a reasonably close relationship, and the two are revealed to have similar elements of personality. Their friendship is instated by Crona's enrollment in the Academy and the two share a very similar, gentle way of treating Crona. Suspecting that Justin Law intends to kill Maka as he did Joe Buttataki, to eliminate all DWMA members with powerful Soul Perception abilities that could locate Asura, Marie is willing to fight both solo and with Stein to save Maka from Justin.

Academy StudentsEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 37 - Marie embraces her students

Marie embraces her students

As with her relationship with Maka, Marie expresses concern for her students, considering herself responsible not only for their education but their safety. Initially reluctant to return to Death City to teach, in fear it would compromise her prospects to find a husband, when seeing Maka and her classmates playing basketball, she smiles and suspects she will enjoy mentoring students. Although considerably gracious and respectful to her students, Marie can be stern, threatening punishment for disobeying orders (even if she is not really empowered to do so). During the mission on Lost Island, having encountered the effects of the magnetic vortex, Marie is outraged to find Maka, Black☆Star, Death the Kid, and their weapons have entered against orders. Pragmatic, however, Marie allows them to substitute for her and Stein, who is suffering from madness. Upon exiting, Marie tries to stand against Ox Ford, Kilik Rung, and their weapons from entering, to no avail. When her students exit the vortex, unable to stop Mosquito from procuring Brew for Arachnophobia, Marie pulls back her hand, seemingly ready to slap her disobedient students. More concerned with their safety, however, Marie brings the students in for a tight hug (nearly suffocating the already injured Black☆Star), promising to punish them severely for disobeying orders only when they return home.

Taruho Firefly and Tabatha ButterflyEdit

Risa and Arisa agreeing that witches aren't 'dried up' like Marie

Marie is annoyed with Taruho and Tabatha

Marie seems to be annoyed with Taruho and Tabatha, not necessarily because the two are witches and hence enemies of the DWMA, so much as she finds their personalities frustrating. When Taruho and Tabatha arrive at the Death Weapon Meister Academy for a meeting with Death, Marie is annoyed to find the two are delaying their arrival by flirting with underage male Academy students and offering cards to the re-opening of Chupa♡Cabra's. For their part, Taruho and Tabatha mock the unmarried Marie as "dried up" (all the more insulting, considering Taruho and Tabatha, as witches, age more slowly). In response, Marie punches Tabatha in the head to hurry them and Blair to the Death Room. When Marie then sees one of the witches speaking with Stein, potentially flirting with him, Marie leaves, annoyed with such behavior as well as Spirit for bringing these witches to host a glorified party rather than focusing on the mission to rescue Kid from the Book of Eibon.[6] Although annoyed with the two, Marie does express gratitude for the arrival of the Witch Council, along with Taruho and Tabatha, on the Moon to rescue her and her DWMA allies from the damaged Demon Airship and to provide their Soul Protect to stop Asura's Clown Army.


Justin LawEdit

Marie used to have friendly relationship with Justin, being a fellow Death Sycthe, but after he succumbed to madness, killing Joe Buttataki and targeting one of her students, Maka, Marie came to hate Justin and she helped Stein in killing him.

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