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Traitor (Prototype 2)

Debut Data

Mantis Boxing, also  known as Northern Praying Mantis (Japanese: 北のカマキ, Kita no kamakiri  Chinese: 螳螂拳; pinyin: tánglángquán; literally "praying mantis fist") is a style that debut in Chapter 5 of the Soul Eater Not! manga. The hooded traitor uses this against Royal Karate style user, Anya Hepburn.


Mantis Boxing requires one have a finger blade, the stranger uses his on his right index finger for quick strikes toward face of body. This style is can be very deadly toward it's opponent with its speed and precision.


  • Northern Praying Mantis is a real world kung fu style created by Wang Lang. An alternative name of this style is "Shandong Praying Mantis".

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