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Maka and Soul's Apartment is one of the apartments in Death City where both Maka Albarn and Soul Eater reside in along with Blair (and Crona in the anime).[1]



When viewed from outside, Maka and Soul's apartment building looks like a regular building, with the exception that some parts extend out from the structure and are different colours. Maka and Soul's apartment, when viewed from outside, can be easily identified as their residence juts out from the building and is green. Their flat number is 506, which implies that their apartment is on the fifth floor.


Maka and Soul's apartment consists of a bathroom and a kitchen adjoined to a living room. Both the kitchen and living room have windows. The kitchen has a blue door which leads to Soul's room.

The living room has an armchair and two couches surrounding a coffee table and a few bookshelves. This room's walls are decorated with numerous posters. The living room later appears to have a television set, a stereo set, and a gramophone. Previously, the living room couch had a piano key pillow,[2] then a cat pillow.[3]

The kitchen includes a counter, a table with two chairs, a fridge, and a dishwasher. The dishwasher and cabinets have stickers on them, one naming "Soul." The refrigerator has a sticker on it that says "Closed."

The bathroom includes the expected amenities, including a bathtub, perfect for baths—as desired at least once by Maka but frequently used by Blair once she moves in. Behind the mirror above the sink is a medicine cabinet, where Soul sometimes struggles to locate his hair gel. At one point, the bathroom included hand towels with symbols upon them that resembled dog or cat paws.

Soul's room has a blue-green tile floor, with a blue chest in the corner at the foot of Soul's bed, which is by a window. Soul has an acoustic guitar hung up on the wall beside his desk and chair, which has a small shelf for stationary and a few strange metal figurines. A separate bookshelf is seen higher up on the wall. A desk of drawers is beside his bed, upon which are his alarm clock (with a face resembling the Soul Eater logo), candlestick stands, and his first headband when Soul still wore it. Soul seems to have a love of posters, with various ones on his room's walls. When his room was first introduced in the anime, Soul's bed had stickers on its base, although these stickers were not present in the manga. In the anime, one of Soul's bedroom posters includes a man wearing a Straw Boater hat being stabbed by the minute hand of a large clocktower (an allusion to comedic actor Harold Lloyd's 1923 silent film "Safety Last!").[4]

Maka's room is shown less often and has a soft pink-purple color scheme, with a tiled floor. Her room has two windows, one in which her bed is next to (which has a small stuffed animal on the sill seen in the anime), and the other with her desk in front of it. In the manga however, a wardrobe is near Maka's bed which is next to a bedside table which is next to a bookshelf. In the anime, next to her desk is a set of drawers, with a vase of flowers atop it. A calendar is seen next to Maka's tidy desk. The desk has a small line of books and at the end of the anime a framed postcard from Maka's mother. On her desk are books, a pencil cup containing pens and scissors while directed with a black cat, and a desk lamp. Although Maka doesn't share Soul's love for posters, it is seen that she puts up her own motivational posters when studying for exams (mostly for beating Ox Ford in the exams). However, in the anime, there are many strange paintings and posters in her room, some of the same ons appearing in the living room.


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