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Maka Chop
Technique Data
English Title Maka Chop
Romaji Maka Choppu
Katakana マカチョップ
Alternate Title(s)
Type Attack
Derived Ability
User(s) Maka Albarn
Class Melee
Real World Data
Manga Debut
Anime Debut

The Maka Chop (マカチョップ, Maka Choppu) technique is an attack used by Maka Albarn. Seemingly inspired from either the Shinigami Chop and/or the Sid Chop, the attack is only used when Maka gets angry and rarely, if not ever used in actual combat.


Maka uses a thick book or a dictionary that appears from apparent thin air to smash directly onto the center of a victim's head, resulting in a temporary dent in a similar manner to Death's Shinigami Chop.

The only individuals Maka is mainly shown using this attack on are her father Spirit, (aka Death Scythe), Black☆Star, and Soul, and on one occasion, Sid since she gets quickly annoyed with their immaturity or foolish actions. The attack seems primarily meant for Soul, as Maka will sometimes use it on him whenever he says things that annoy her or do things that are inappropriate.


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