Special Abilities

Special States

Unconscious State: While falling unconsious from fighting Asura, she later was able to continue her fight under unusually circumstances with the Kishin. During the fight, she displayed latent abilities suited for a Demon Weapon combined with the skill and prowess expectant of a Meister. Such a state baffled even Asura, who was able to figure out that this was due to the fact that she had both the blood of a Meister and a Weapon. While in this state, Asura expresses that she doesn't feel fear. This state can be defeated by waking her up, disabling her weapon powers.[1]

Episode 51 - Maka using partial transformations

Maka using Partial Transformations.

  • Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin buki): While unconscious in her fight with Asura, she was able to tap into her latent Demon Weapon abilities. While it is assumed that she can assume a full transformation of a weapon, her abilities while in her unconscious state instead allow her to utilize partial transformations of a Scythe.[1]
  • Expert Autonomous Combatant: She was capable of fighting Asura in this state, nullifying his Wrapping attacks with her Scythe Blades while also capable of fighting the Kishin in close combat and striking him with a scythe-bladed kick to his chest.[1]
  • Enhanced Durability: In this state, Maka proved durable enough to defend and block Laser attacks emitted from a weakened Asura's usage of Vajra, whereas previous blasts was capable of incapacitating her.[1]
  • Enhanced Agility: She is capable of leaping high distances into the air.[1]

Base Abilities

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): As a Meister, Maka has some skill in controlling her Wavelength.

  • Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashī no Kyōmei): Maka is capable of sending her Wavelength into her weapon back and forth (while the weapon amplifies it), unleashing more powerful techniques. Namely, she does this with Soul Eater's Demon Scythe form.[2]
Episode 33 - Makas Team acheives Team Wise Soul Resonance

Maka's Teamwise Soul Resonance.

  • Teamwise Soul Resonance (チームでの魂の共鳴, Chīmu de no Tamashī no Kyōmei): A special technique taught to her by Franken Stein in which allows Maka to achieve a Soul Resonance with multiple Meister/Demon Weapon individuals. She's capable of resonating with her own team.[3] Much of this resonance is used in conjuction with Soul's Piano, giving her power along with her team enough to overpower the likes of Mosquito for a time[4] and contend better with the Kishin Asura.[5]
Maka in Flight

Maka's Grigori Wings with the Demon Scythe.

Grigori (グリゴリ, Gurigori): Maka also possesses a extremely rare type of soul in which only one in fifty million people have. Due to being a Meister, she is in need of a advance weapon to unlock her Grigori abilities. With her soul and the usage of an advanced Death Scythe, she along with her weapon can achieve Wings that enables them to achieve flight.[6] Doing so requires her and her partner to be on the same page during their resonance.[7] When in flight, her max speed is able to keep up with Gopher, who also possess a Grigori soul that once made him outpace Maka and Soul initially as well as dodge their attacks.[8]

  • Aerial Combatant: Maka's own fighting prowess not only exist on the ground but in the air after unlocking her Grigori abilities. As such, she can not only use her hand-to-hand combat even while riding on her Scythe,[9] but also enabled her to combined her Scythe-wielding skills to defeat Gopher.[10]
Anti-Demon Wavelength

Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength at work.

Anti-Demon Wavelength (退魔の波長, Taima no hacho): Maka possess a rare, specialized Soul Wavelength in which has the power to drive away evil and it's impurities.[1] This allows her to slay evil magic users,[11] Demons, and potentially even Immortals[12] with the usage of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister, in which carries her special Soul Wavelength.[13] This also gives her limited resistance against Magic such as Arachne's Magic[14] and immunity against other lesser forms of Madness such as Arachne's Madness as well as "cut through the darkness" and can be transferred to her partner,[15] voluntarily to others on her own with physical contact,[16] or through Soul's Piano.[17] In the anime, it is explained that she inherited this special Soul Wavelength from her mother.

Soul Eater Chapter 89 - Maka uses Soul Perception

Maka's Soul Perception at it's max with Soul.

Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī kanchi): Maka herself possesses a keen sense of Soul Perception, developing it to new heights throughout the series. Not only can she sense souls herself, but also attributes and estimated capabilties[18] and later even the emotional state of others.[19] Black☆Star onced commented on her Soul Perception abilities being like that of a "walkin' radar".[20] According to Franken Stein, it's also possible for her to gain a boost for her Soul Perception through Soul himself,[21] in which is proven to be true when Maka was capable of searching all around the world and accidentally found the Kishin Asura's hiding place.[22]

Utility Meister (ユーティリティ職人, Yūtiriti Shokunin): Although Maka is primarily a Scythe-Meister, she can also wield other sort of weaponry.[23]

Episode 11 (NOT!) - Maka and Black Star battle

Maka/Soul fights and holds her own with Black☆Star/Tsubaki.

  • Scythe-Meister (鎌職人, Kama Shokunin): Maka mainly functions as a Scythe-Meister, proficient at wielding a Scythe. While Soul himself controls it's twirls and twist, she is the individual swinging.[24] Because of their incredible teamwork as well has her highly-trained skills, she's a very capable and proficient scythe mesiter and a exemplary student at the DWMA. She's been seen able to take on the likes of Eternal Feather while under Shaula Gorgon's stimulant[25] and Black☆Star using Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's Mode: Ninja Sword during the Battle Festival[26] (though is eventually outclassed physically as time progresses). She has also taken various multitudes of opponents such as Jack the Ripper,[27] Rasputin,[28] The Clown[29] and has come out on top. When fighting magical opponents such as the likes of Arachne and Medusa, her abilities combined with the Anti-Demon Wavelength makes her especially dangerous, having sufficient to defeat Arachne.[30] She was also capable of using her father's form,the Death Scythe, against Crona on the Moon.[31]
Chapter 106 - Maka using Death Scythe against Crona's Thorn Defense

Maka displays her Scythe-Handling Mastery, being able to spin a scythe AND use her legs in combat.

  • Scythe-Handling Mastery:Although she was initially in-adept in Scythe-Handling and was once revealed to be one of her main insecurities while in the Envy chapter of the Book of Eibon, it seems Maka no longer needs to rely on Soul to do much of the spinning and work. During her fight with Crona, she used Death Scythe against the latter, showcasing she not only got over her insecurity but went as far to seemingly even master it, being able to spin and twirl the Scythe even from her legs.[32]
Episode 33 - Makas Team acheives Team Wise Soul Resonance

Maka's Team Resonance Chain.

Danger Sense: Maka has the ability to ominously sense danger in which may be far too much for her to handle. She displayed this ability only once prior to her meeting Crona for the firs time, in which eventually led to her first defeat and was nearly killed.[34]

Enhanced Athleticism: As a Meister, Maka herself has an excellent level of athletic ability. Her athleticism has garner comments from Soul, who considers Meisters to be "something else"[35] She was also able to run 100 meters in 8.92 seconds.[36] Her athletic ability was renowned enough to be compared to Patty Thompson when she showed amazing physical ability herself.[37]

Episode 20 - Maka attacks Crona with her fists

Maka attacks Crona relentlessly.

Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Like many Meisters, Maka herself possess proficient ability in unarmed hand-to-hand combat. She often shows this when she punishes her weapon, forming jump kicks to him when angered.[38] She also tends to mix in both kicks and sometimes punches within during her battles with her chosen weapon on hand.[39] During her fight with the Kishin alone in the anime, she was skilled enough to close in on the Death God and punch him.[1] Her skill and usage in with her unarmed skills alone seemingly overwhelms Crona If not for the latter's own Black Blood.[40]

Enhanced Durability: Maka is a surprisingly durable individual. She was able to withstand Crona's Screech Alpha,[41] punishment from Free even after the later even slammed her with his Ice Shackle Bullet spell and overpowered her with his own martial arts and physical abilities as was still able to fight.[42] She was also able to take Arachne's hits within her disembodied from[43] In the anime, she withstood Vajra's laser attack, though Asura himself was weakened from his fight with Death, Black☆Star, and Kid. She also survived being slammed to the ground much to the Kishin's surprise.[1]

Cooking: Maka possess some proficiency in cooking enough to make at least a decent breakfast for both her and Soul.[44]


Episode 33 - Black Star flips over Maka

Black☆Star shows off his superior prowess in hand-to-hand combat.

Although a immensely skilled Scythe-Meister of her own, Maka herself suffers from a variety of weaknesses. While proficient in her hand-to-hand combat, her skill in such area is not on Black☆Star's level and even incurred an embarrassing moment from the assassin much to her dismay at the time.[45] In addition, it seems that even Patty Thompson surpasses her ability according to Ox Ford and Harvar D. Éclair.[37] In the Envy chapter, it's even revealed that the chapter's projections of her insecurities point out Maka feels she's even weaker then Patty despite the latter being a Demon Weapon and harbors some level of jealousy towards it.[46]

Chapter 74 - Maka's imperfection in Scythe-Handling

Maka's improper skill in Scythe-Handling was poor to the point she couldn't twirl a broom on her own.

Without the assistance of Soul, her capabilities diminish greatly and she's even aware of such a fact and have exaggeratedly stated that without Soul she can't do anything and both of them use each other to get stronger.[47] While in the Sloth Chapter of the Book of Eibon, even she admitted that she's not as strong as either Black☆Star or Death the Kid and as shown in the Sloth chapter, she's aware of this to the point she was affected by the chapter itself and felt she was only a burden to her weapon partner.[48] Needless to say, another addition insecurity was her Scythe-Handling skill, in which were unrefined and couldn't even twirl a mop and was another insecurity and felt that If she didn't practice that Soul would leave her for another Meister partner.[49]

This weakness no longer applies, however, as she seem to have put in practice and showncase the ability to twirl a Scythe weapon while using her father's weapon form against Crona.[50]

Chapter 77 - Maka is overwhelmed by Giriko

Maka is overwhelmed by an opponent who has a lot of "direct power", unlike those like Arachne.

Maka herself also has her own limits and has met her match a variety of times. In her first duel with Crona, she not only lost but witnessed her weapon partner badly injured.[51] She also found that Franken Stein was far out of her league and even saw his soul and became afraid of him to the point she nearly broke down in fear.[52] During the previous year in the Death Festival tournament, it's revealed that she has lost to Black☆Star the year before[53] She also was no match for both Mosquito in his 100 Years Ago and required Soul's Piano to and a Chain Resonance (Along with the entire group)[54] nor Giriko, in which not only nearly had her killed[55] but even revealed that she has a variety of issues facing an opponent who's abilities allows them to have a lot of "direct power".[56] She was also outclassed by Free in his werewolf form, with her citing his physical abilities were incredible even.[57] Even at her max, she was not only no match for the Kishin and was pinned by the god,[58] but even claimed herself that without the aid of Death the Kid and Black☆Star, she wouldn't even land a single blow on the Kishin by herself.[59]

Episode 51 - Asura holding Maka as he criticizes her

Asura as he expresses disappointment in his opponent.

Maka also has been criticized by many of her opponents to lack raw power herself, with both Crona and Ragnarok consider both her and even her weapon partner to be "weak", with Ragnarok going far enough to say she's a "small fry" and looks less tasteless compared to the likes of Black☆Star.[60] Even the assassin himself, when he was angry at Maka, cockily stated that he wouldn't ever "suck that bad" like Maka after flipping her over.[61] Asura himself also held a very low opinion of her, calling her "human scum" and felt the need to make her "learn her manners"[62] and in the anime, expressed disappointment that his final opponent was a weak, "little girl" and even stated her friends were far more powerful then her.[1] However, many opponents who point this out are occasionally subjected to a defeat from Maka and in some cases, can be a instance of underestimation.

When in use of her weapon powers, Maka can only enter this state while unconscious and once awaken, loses the ability to do so.[1]



Book: On occasion, Maka carries a book with her to read. She also carries it around her persons even during a mission.[63]

  • Maka Chop (マカチョップ, Maka Choppu): A technique in which punishes those who earn her irritation with a chop from a book by hitting the target on their noggin with the spine of the book. Often used on her partner Soul Eater to punish him for his antics.[28]
Partnered with Soul "Eater" Evans

Demon Scythe (魔鎌, Magama): With Soul Eater as her weapon partner, she is able to take advantage of the plethora of capabilities in which result from their Soul Resonance as well as other abilities.[28] After becoming a Death Scythe and combining it with his sound abilities, it is known that the result is that it greatly enhances her already proficient skill, Soul Perception.[64]

  • Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister (鎌職人伝統の大技, Kamashokunin dentō no ōwaza; FUNimation "Scythemeister Techniques of Lore"): From Maka's usage of a Scythe, her Soul Resonance allows her access to specialized forms in which change the look of a Scythe-Blade and act as a bane to various races. Her particular variant carries her Anti-Demon Wavelength.[65]
Episode 5 - Maka and Soul perform Witch Hunt


  • Witch-Hunt (魔女狩り, Majogari; FUNimation "Witch Hunter"): This form allows her access to various powerful, unique techniques and is capable of killing a plethora of evil beings like that of a Witch or a Demon, counter Magic, damage and potentially finish off Immortal beings like that of Free. In the anime, this technique can be delivered in the manner of a shock wave.[66][67]
Episode 13 - Number 6 Hunt

Number 6 Hunt

  • Number 6 Hunt (6文字狩り, 6-Monjigari; FUNimation "Figure 6 Hunter"): A rotating, slash attack in which is shaped to be that of a number six. When used against the likes of Free, it was powerful enough to pierce his Wolf Tail Wall and cause damage.[68]
  • Letter "U" Hunt (U (ユー) 字狩り, Yūjigari; FUNimation "Letter "U " Hunter"): A crescent slash brought from below where the blade is dragged upward in the shape of a U. It was powerful enough to send Crona away.[69]
  • Scythe-Threat Cut (鎌威断ち, Kamaitachi): A powerful technique in which "whips" the Soul Wavelengths drawn into the Scythe Blade from the Witch-Hunt and flings them back to the originator. The downside of this technique is that it's indiscriminate and hard to control, not only being not suited for team use but also cause disorientation upon completion. It was capable of catching the Flying Dutchman off guard as well as slash through the pipes of Nidhogg Factory.[70]
Episode 45 - Maka uses Demon Hunt to kill Medusa


  • Demon-Hunt (魔人狩り, Majingari; FUNimation "Genie Hunter"): Remarked by Soul Eater to be the "Witch-Hunt beyond the usual Witch-Hunt", this attack is a powered up version of the Witch-Hunt. As the name implies, the attack is assumed to be remarkable enough to kill Demons and has been seen able to greatly damage Clowns and Bloodsuckers. It also carries Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength and has been seen able to kill even Medusa Gorgon in the anime.[71][72]
  • Letter "I"-Hunt (文字狩, Ichimonjigari): An attack in which is delivered a powerful blow in a straight line. According to Maka, not only is the blow amazingly powerful but she speculated such an attack may allow her to land a strike against Medusa Gorgon. However, a weakness of this attack includes that it is easy to see coming due to it's linear formation.[73] It was powerful enough to deal a critial blow to the Clown.[74]
  • Kishin-Hunt (鬼神狩, kishingari; FUNimation "Kishin Hunter"):The final of the three Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe Meister, Maka can utilize the Kishin-Hunt, in which is a more Power Up version of the Demon-Hunt. Not much, however, has been shown from this particular form as it failed against Asura.[1](Anime Only)
Episode 20 - Mad Maka

"Mad Maka".

  • "Mad" Maka: In an attempt to better understand Crona's Soul Wavelength by grasping the Madness of the Black Blood, Maka enters a enhanced state using her Soul Resonance with Soul Eater and his Black Blood that comes due to the resonance.[75]
  • Black Blood (黒血, Kokketsu): While in this state, Maka gains the Black Blood due to her resonance with Soul and as such, is granted enhanced abilities from the union between the Weapon and Meister.[75]
  • Black Blood's Madness (黒血の発狂, Kurodji no Hakkyō): In this state, the Black Blood's Madness gives her a wavelength similar to Crona. With this Madness, the Little Ogre stated that it doesn't let Maka feel fear at all. With this Madness, her fighting style becomes more erratic.[76]
Episode 19 - Mad Maka attacks Crona

"Mad Maka" attacks Crona.

  • Enhanced Strength: While in this state, Maka was capable of tossing Crona into a arch structure, destroying it in the process.[75] She also managed to manhandle Crona, whose strength due to Ragnarok once overpowered herself.[76]
  • Enhanced Durability: Maka was able to take fatal attacks from the Black Sword transformation with only minor wounds as well as being resistant to stabbing related attacks.[76]
Chapter 112 - Maka's Grigori Dress

Maka's White Grigori Dress

  • White Grigori Armor:Maka is able to utilize a Soul Resonance with Soul Eater and formed a protective dress. Formerly, the dress contained Black Blood but during her fight with Asura on the Moon and needing to exit his body, the Black Blood was completely removed from the dress and Soul. This dress still enables and allows her to fly and functions as some sort of protective armor. It is unknown, however, how much the Black Blood itself contributed to the protection of her dress.[77] (Unnamed)
  • Kishin-Hunt (Manga) (鬼神狩り, Kishingari): A powerful attack in which allows Maka and Soul to enter Asura himself.[78] It also functions as a powerful slash attack capable of bleeding Asura.[79]
  • Black Blood (黒血, Kokketsu) Formerly, Maka herself can possess and utilized the Black Blood in combat with Soul on hand. This allows her for a variety of power-ups such as increasing her resonance rate.[80] This can also increase her healing ability, even surviving being impaled by Asura himself.[81]
Soul Eater Chapter 111 - Maka's new Black Blood Armor

Maka's Black Blood Armor

  • Black Blood Armor (黒血の鎧, Kurodji no yoroi): One of Maka's major advantages with the Black Blood and Soul Resonance with Soul is the creation of protective armor in the form of a dress. Formerly, this dress was prematurely created during her fight against Arachne, giving her a boost in defense enough to withstand Arachne's powerful web attacks as well as enable her to easily utilize the Demon-Hunt technique in addition and allowed her to kill Arachne.[82] After Soul pulled the Black Blood in full blast, this created a new and more formidable dress armor, allowing her flight even.[83]
Partnered with Spirit Albarn via Bond
Chapter 106 - Makas use of Spirit Hunt form

Maka using Death Scythe and Witch-Hunt.

Death Scythe (デス・サイズ, Desu Saizu): During her third battle with Crona in which they cause her Soul Wavelength to be un-allign with Soul's own, she brandished her father's weapon form due to their bond. With it on hand, she remarked that it had more power due to it's weight then on Soul's transformation.[31] However, their Soul Resonance is not as strong due to their wavelength being too similar from being relatives.[84]

Partnered with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Demon Shadow Weapon (魔暗器, Maanki)


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