Chapter 79 - Magic Worms emerged on DWMA Elite
Magic Worms

Magic Lifeform

Debut Data
Debut Data
Manga Debut

Chapter 55

Magic Worms are the Magic Lifeforms of the Sorcerer and Icon, Noah (Greed).[1]


Their main body takes the shape of a long stream of floating bubble-like spheres which by themselves don't have to be connected to each other. The end of it's 'body' is a large spherical head with a circle shaped mouth full of jagged teeth, much like a tapeworm. On the its sides are two round compound-like eyes covered with geometrical pattern composed of black and white circles.[1]


Like that of a worm, the Magic Worms have the ability to dig underground and emerge and posses great physical strength, being able to effortlessly seemingly kill Tezca Tlipoca by drilling through a body[2] as well as pin and hold Mosquito as well as shoot a powerful laser strong enough to [3] These worms are remarkably fast and power, being able to defeat even DWMA's Elite staff featuring Sid Barrett, Marie Mjolnir, Franken Stein, Mira Naigus, and Tezca Tlipoca.[4]



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