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Magic Calculation (マジックカリキュレーション, Majikku Karikureshon) is spell under Calculation Spells in which is often used in conjunction as support for other magics.[1]


This spells allows the user to do a number of effects. This spell can be used in conjunction with other spells such as Spatial Magic's Independent Cube spell or Forwarding Protection, "setting up" where the spell will contain[1][2] It can also serves as a means to create magical link between two very similar objects such as the Book of Eibon and the Book of Eibon's Manuscript.[3]


Soul Eater Chapter 72 - Magic Circle 0

A magic circle for Magic Calculation.

When performing linkings without the aid of a Spatial Magic user, the process is far more complicated. A large magic circle with the designated number of magic users around it. In a case when more than one Witch is performing the spell, one of the Witches acts as the main caster of the spell, with the others acting as support in order to support the main caster's magic reserves.[4]


A requirement prior to the usage of this spells is that the caster must be incredibly knowledgeable in mathematics.[4]


A chant is seen to sometimes be a requirement. After a user says their usual chants, they recite:

"Be thou bound by the incantations of the sorcerer Rerené Descartes...Magic Calculation."[5]


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