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  • Magical Power (魔力, Maryoku)[1]
  • Spells (呪文, Jumon)[2]


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Chapter 0.1

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Episode 1

Magic (魔法, Mahō), alternatively referred to as Magical Power (魔力, Maryoku), is a vast reserve of almost limitless energy in which is manipulated by a variety of races and individuals.[3]



The usage of magic seems to vary. Races ranging from that of the Witch to a Sorcerer, Demons, and even Demon Tool Soldiers in some fashion. This force is an extremely power and potent one. It's because of this force that it was responsible for the Witches' own control around the world being superior to those of humans and a problem in which was recognized by the Great Old Ones, Death and Eibon. This was until the introduction of the Demon Weapon and Soul Resonance, which later became responsible for evening out between Magic Users and Non-Magic users.[4]

Despite this apparent powerful reserve of almost limitless Magic, this force is already surpassed by an even more powerful force: Madness. When Magic interacts with Madness, it is possible for it to propel and further spread Madness.[5] However, Magic itself is distorted and "jammed" when interacting against Madness.[6] Certain Magics like Snake can even be cancelled out altogether[7] while other Magics like Spatial Magic is difficult to cast when in an area riddled with Madness in the environment.[6]

Pull of Magic

Main article: Pull of Magic Due to Magic being vast reserve of almost limitless energy, the byproduct of those who wield it in most cases leads to destruction. This has given birth to the instinct in which is known to Witches as the "Pull of Magic", causing them to have a yearning for destrction, although Magic such as Regeneration Magic completely counters this instinct due to being non-destructive in effect.[8]

Magic Joules

When Magic itself is done, it also has a unit of magical energy dubbed Magic Joules. When performing Magics such as Calculation Spells, a certain amount of magic joules is maintained to properly perform a spell.[9]

Demon Tools

Main article: Demon Tool

Episode 47 - Death explaining the dangers of Demon Tools

Demon Tools.

Demon Tools are magical artifacts created by a variety of individuals who either do or do not perform magic. These magical artifacts can range in ability and is often meshed with actual technology, the combined capabilities making the usage of these unique and useful for the user.[10]

Demon Book

Grimoire's Demon Book Concept Art

A Demon Book.

Main article: Demon Book Demon Books are books in which are run by Magic and are primarily used by the male magical users, Sorcerers. These Demon Books can have magical abilities of their own or even allow the manipulation of another magic.[11][12]

Types of Magic

There are several types of classifications of Magic. Some of these classifications includes:

  • Curse (呪い, Noroi): Possessing similar destructive capacity to ordinary Magic, Curses are assumed to be phrases to envoke a supernatural effect against a target. Ghost are among one the races to use such a trick.[13]
  • Spells (呪文, Jumon): Magic in which are activated via phrases (whether out loud or by thoughts).[14] They can also function under a parent Magic, uttered to take advantage of such Magic (such as Snake and Vector Arrow).[15]
  • Direct Attack Spells (直接攻撃魔法, Chokusetsu kōgeki mahō; Literally meaning "Direct Attack Magic"): These Magics are those specializing in directly attacking an opponent. Snake is an example of Direct Attack Spells.[16]
  • High-Level Spells (上級魔法, Jōkyū Mahō): Magics in which are at an advance level to cast. Such Magics, due to the extreme level, can perform great feats but can only be maintained up to an hour max.[17]

Lists of Magics

Main articles: Category:Magic and Category:Spell


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