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Chapter 110 - Kid connecting all three of his lines
Madness of Order



Kiritsu no kyōki


Unknown Art
Madness Wavelength


Death the Kid

Manga Debut

Chapter 110

The Madness of Order (規律の狂気, Kiritsu no kyōki) is a Madness Wavelength born originally from the Great Old One, Death.[1]


Originating from the Lines of Sanzu when a God of Death connects all three lines and becomes the next true God of Death, the Madness of Order is an intense madness so strong that it eclipses all human emotions and leave only a mechanical cycle of only life and death.[2]

This particular madness has the ability to, effectively, counteract the Madness of Fear.[1] Like other Madness Wavelengths, its assumed to have the capability of jamming certain types of Magic and Demon Tools.


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