Soul Eater Chapter 95 - Akane feels Asura's madness
Madness of Fear

'Kyōfu no kyōki'


Madness Wavelength


All of The Clowns

Manga Debut

Chapter 23

Anime Debut

Episode 25

The Madness of Fear (恐怖の狂気, Kyōfu no kyōki) is the term that refers to the Soul Wavelength of Asura, in which is a Madness Wavelength due to being at a godly level.[1]



According to Franken Stein, The Madness of Fear prods and incites the Madness deep within the soul.[1] This could, in turn, awaken the evil within a person or boost its hold over any certain individual.[1] Because of its sheer power, it can not only incite natural disasters, but also awaken dormant witches and potential enemies who have been inactive (such as Arachne Gorgon).[1]

Powering & AttuningEdit


Although those with the Anti-Demon Wavelength and a Healing Wavelength can counteract and deter this Madness, it is known to be a temporary effect.[2] In addition, the hallucinations encountered can be seen through with intense levels of focus.[3] Only the Madness of Order can truly counteract this Madness, however.[4]


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