Chapter 67 - Kilik hit by Madness Attack
Madness Attack

Kyōki kōgeki




Black Clown[1]
Justin Law (via the Clown and Madness Fusion)
Arachne Gorgon[2]

Debut Data
Manga Debut

Chapter 54

Madness Attack (狂気攻撃, Kyōki kōgeki) is a technique in attacks a user with Madness.[3]


The effect done, however, depends on the user and their Madness Wavelength, such as Arachne's Madness targeting minds while the Black Clown induces illusions to pull others into Madness.[3]

Arachne's Madness Usage

Clown's Usage

When used by someone infused with Madness, the user propels an illusion onto their target, making them think they are in a dangerous situation, when in actuality nothing is really happening.[3]


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