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Chapter 82 - Chapter 88



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Mad Blood Arc is the twentieth named story arc in the manga Soul Eater.

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The WhereaboutsEdit

As Death the Kid reunites with his father to learn more about the Book of Eibon and confront the loss of Tezca Tlipoca, the Table of Contents and Justin Law move forward with their plans.

Mad BloodEdit

Crona's attack on Moscow requires the arrival of Franken Stein and his students to investigate and tend to the injured. But as Maka Albarn confronts the damage Crona has caused, her partner is drawn into madness.


Maka Albarn and Franken Stein struggle to bring her partner out of madness, while trapped in his own soul, Soul Eater himself must ask what kind of person he is.


As Justin Law plans to attack Medusa Gorgon in order to protect Asura, he is confronted by the return of a Death Scythe who should be dead, Tezca Tlipoca.


As Death the Kid questions his father's pursuit of Asura, Tezca Tlipoca and Justin Law engage in a battle that will leave one of the Death Scythes dead.

Just a Simple Story About Killing PeopleEdit

With madness leading Crona towards a transformation into a Kishin, Medusa Gorgon meets her end.


Maka Albarn and Black☆Star join in a whale hunting expedition. After Maka senses madness seeming to come from the sky above, she receives news that Death has issued a death warrant onto Crona.

Notable InstancesEdit

  • Death the Kid reunites with Death at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, where the two learn about the odd aspects to Noah and the potential survival of Tezca Tlipoca. As Kid grows concerned with his father's bellicose global actions to hunt down Asura, he travels to Lost Island and discovers Eibon in person.
  • While members of the DWMA discover the corpse of an unidentified person substituted for Tezca Tlipoca's body, the Death Scythe is revealed to have faked his death to all, even Enrique, so he can locate Justin Law on his own. When Tezca catches up to confront Justin, the defected Death Scythe seems to have killed Tezca by beheading, but later arcs will reveal that Tezca managed to transform his soul into a reflection so that, even without a body, he could return to Death City to warn Death that Asura is hiding on the Moon.
  • Noah is revealed to be one of many Icons created by and controlled by the Table of Contents inside the Book of Eibon. The newest iteration of Noah, Wrath, is created and coerces Gopher towards fulfilling the Table of Contents' next step.
  • To perfect the Black Blood into Mad Blood, Medusa Gorgon has Crona attack Russia, Ukraine, and other parts of Eastern Europe. These attacks result in the disposal of Death Scythe Tsar Pushka and his meister Feodor. While the manga does not reveal the ultimate fate for the duo, they likely cannot be saved after their bodies were immersed in Black Blood orbs. Satisfied with these results, Medusa says she loves Crona, and this show of love confuses then enrages Crona, who kills their mother and becomes closer to becoming a Kishin.
  • Maka Albarn learns that Death has issued an assassination order against Crona.
  • As in the Salvage Arc, this arc foreshadows that Asura is located on the Moon. First, Tezca is surprised anyone could reach this as yet unnamed location. Second, Maka senses madness coming from the sky.
  • Following his temporary descent into Madness, Soul Eater and the Little Ogre seem to reach a truce that persists for the remainder of the manga.
  • While influenced by madness, Soul reveals the ability to turn his scythe blade into a keyboard. In the manga's final arc, this Dark Keyboard form will be adapted by Maka Albarn upon transforming Soul through her Grigori Dress to defeat Asura.


  • The Little Ogre refers to the Evans family as musically talented. Who else aside from Soul and Wes is musically talented is not yet clear.
  • The Little Ogre claims that Soul never satiates himself, refusing to eat until he was full and instead to leave himself hungry.
  • Stein reveals that the DWMA ranks some threat levels on a scale that includes "A" and, more severely, "S." Presumably this threat level system is based on an S-Rank to D-Rank scale.
  • DWMA helicopter pilots wear skulls resembling Death's mask on their helmets.


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