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Lupin Profile

Phantom Thief (怪盗, Kaitō; FUNimation "Master Thief")


Human Soul Human


Gender Sign - MaleMale



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Professional Thief[1]

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Manga Debut

Chapter 0.3

Anime Debut

Episode 3

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Lupin (ルパン, Rupan), known infamously as the Phantom Thief (怪盗, Kaitō), is a thief presumably on Shinigami's List for his crimes related to thievery.[1]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Lupin alludes to Arsène Lupin, the fictional thief from Maurice Leblanc's novels and short stories, which have been adapted in numerous media.


Little is revealed about Lupin's personality. As a thief, he is willing to steal for his own goals, which warranted the attention of the Death God, Death the Kid.[2] The anime reveals more of Lupin's personality: while possessing a malevolent nature, he demonstrates common sense, as he was unimpressed with Kid's symmetry obsession and used that distraction to escape.[3][2]


Lupin is a muscular man, dressed in a red bodysuit resembling that of a superhero, with a belt, white boots, and white gloves. He also wears a light brown cape, weathered at the edges. His most profound feature is his red mask, that covers the top of his face, leaving his mouth and chin exposed. The mask also reveals yellow glaring eyes and has two small ear-like or horn-like extensions on the back and a long sharp nose. The mask reveals also a bit of brown hair.[3]


Thievery: Lupin is referred to as "master thief," suggesting he is immensely skilled, even if little evidence is shown aside from seizing upon Kid's distraction to escape with the items he has stolen.[1]


Prologues ArcEdit

Cornered by Death the Kid, Lupin witnesses in surprise as the Death God's Demon Twin Guns transform into their respective human forms. As he watches Kid argue on the importance of symmetry after finding Patty out of the balanced alignment of their pose, he slips away in a hurry.[2]

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation


  • Lupin is one of the evil Humans in the anime who presumably possessed a Kishin Egg. This is one of the various inconsistencies from the anime, as Humans should not be able to consume souls in an effort to become a Kishin. In the manga, Lupin is only wanted for his crimes of thievery.
  • Lupin's outfit, with its cape, horned mask, and superhero motif, has some resemblance to that of Charisma Justice, one of Atsushi Ōkubo's characters from his previous manga B. Ichi and who appears later in Soul Eater as one of Black☆Star's favorite comic book characters.[4]


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