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Little Ogre
Little Demon The Little Ogre as he appears in the Soul Eater series.
Name Little Ogre
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Male
Race/Species Oni
Type of Soul
Status Alive
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) None
Place of Origin
Team/Group None
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Manga Debut(s) N/A
Anime Debut(s) N/A
Game Debut(s)

Called "Little Ogre" (小さな鬼, Chiisana Oni) by Soul Eater, he is a strange oni of tiny size that appeared before Soul inside his heart after his first encounter with Ragnarok. The Little Ogre normally resides in a specific room within Soul's mind, called The Black Room.

"I may not look like your good friend Soul but I reassure I am a genuine Soul Eater. I am a part of Soul as well."[sourcing needed]



The Little Ogre's evil nature.

The Little Ogre acts not only as the manifestation of the Black Blood present within Soul, but also the subsequent madness it produces. As such he has an extremely cautious nature, concerned only with the concept of power and the goal of drawing Soul further into his intoxicating madness (which in turn The Little Demon would be able to take Soul's body as his own). It seems he cannot lie, being a part of Soul; he is unable to keep secrets from him. However, he can distort the truth to Soul by only speaking partial truth and manipulating the manner in which he says things to him. He cannot, however, tell a lie.

He also contains his composure most of the time he is seen, having the very same, creepy smile on his face at almost all times. However, he has a powerful voice when he becomes annoyed or displeased and is enraged by speaking of the Black Blood's resistance. The Ogre only seems to be excited by the use of the Black Blood, and often expresses his excitement by biting on his fingernails.


He only appears in the red room thing with Soul. He appears as a horned, red imp creature in a tuxedo. He also has an eerie smile and sharp teeth.


Soul Eater
He is a nameless little demon that resides inside Soul's soul and called "Little Ogre" by Soul, since he doesn't know his name. Created after Soul was infected with the Black Blood by Ragnarok, he is the Black Blood manifested.
The Little Ogre tends to show himself whenever Maka and Soul are on the verge of losing a battle, and constantly tries to tempt Soul into using the Black Blood's power. This would boost Soul's and Maka's abilities exponentially, yet it would also edge them closer to madness.
For the most part Soul ignores the ogre's temptation, though if all options are exhausted he will give into the power (Albeit briefly). It would seem the Little Ogre is concerned with Soul's survival, but this is likely only because he apparently needs Soul's body.
Although the two only share a very loose connection established due to her role as Soul's partner, Maka is still influenced by the Little Ogre's presence whenever its madness is induced within Soul.
Little Ogre doesn't seem to think much about Maka positively or negatively. However, for all appearances he respects Soul's dedication to her since he let Maka throw in her opinion on the use of the Black Blood's power against Crona.


The Eve's Fight to the Death

The first time the Little Ogre appears is during Maka and Soul's second confrontation against Crona, though Maka manages to find Crona's soul and convince Crona to be their friend before the Black Blood's madness could overcome both Soul and herself.

'Brew' Tempest

He next appears in the battle against Mosquito, where the Blood's Resonance was channelled into Kid and Black Star along with Maka via Soul's piano playing. This provided the group with a massive power boost, easily overwhelming Mosquito's form of 100 years ago. It still retained the same consequences though, inflicting Soul with madness. However, Soul cut off the power when he knew they couldn't win due to the current circumstances.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

The Little Ogre's next appearance occurs in Baba Yaga's castle when Soul is caught in Arachne's trap, where he mocks Soul for his weakness (Though the spell is broken before he can go any further).

Later on during the final battle with Arachne he appears again, imploring Soul to call upon his power to defeat the madness spread throughout the castle by the powerful Witch. This time, though, Soul counters him, saying it wouldn't be useful as his power wouldn't be able to reach everyone. Arachne's spider webs, which are invading the minds of everyone in the castle and causing madness, have also gotten into the soul room. However, Soul manages to turn this to his advantage by using Soul Resonance via piano playing to counter Arachne's power, defeating her without calling upon Little Ogre's power, much to the diminutive apparition's surprise.


Fake Soul

The Little Ogre posing as Soul.

In the anime, the storyline is almost the same up until the battle against Mosquito for Brew. The Ogre appears once again to help Soul in the fight. As Soul plays the piano the Chain Resonance between Maka, Black Star, and Kid becomes stronger. Instead of the battle being cut short after Kid's attack, Soul continues to play the piano, him and Maka perform Soul Resonance and use the Majin Hunt ending the fight. Mosquito then escapes with the BREW he's found.

Little Ogre's Demise

The Little Ogre's demise.

The Little Ogre appears again in the final fight against the Kishin. Soul begins playing the piano. As before, the teams Chain Resonance is strong. However, this time, not too long after Soul begins to play, the ogre begins to grow in size, and soon after Soul is engulfed inside his body. After Soul collapses Maka then enters his mind in an attempt to save him. Upon entering, she finds herself in a large empty area. A door appears leading down, she enters it to find another door. Upon finding four more doors, the last one is blue. Inside she meets "Soul". This Soul shuts the door behind her stating that he is Soul. Maka then tells him that they should leave, coming up with different scenarios of escaping, with the Soul objecting to every one of them. Then he comes up with a solution. He shows Maka a blue box that looks similar to a treasure chest. He states that after activating the Black Blood, he hid his "courage" in the box, and that the only way to get out is to open the box, and only Maka can do it. A key appears in Maka's hand, and as she reflects on what she should do, she reveals that the one standing in front of her is not Soul, and that if it were Soul, he would have asked her if she had everything before shutting the door. After being noticed, the Little Ogre took his true form. He explained to Maka, that in there is the true Soul, and if the box is opened, Soul will be sucked into himself, and madness, if she doesn't, both himself and Soul will die. Even so, Maka decides to open the box, stating that she won't let Soul be pulled in. Maka saves Soul and they return to the same room that Soul is usually in. After, Soul accepts the Little Ogre as a part of himself, and then eats him whole. This is the ogre's last appearance most likely he "died" and the black blood was now in Soul's complete control.


  • The Little Ogre resides in a place which resembles the Red Room from the TV series Twin Peaks, and seems to share some mannerisms (Such as doing a weird dance and playing music on an old gramophone player) with the Red Room's occupant, The Man from Another Place.
  • The Little Ogre has a tendency to bite down on his fingers in moments of intense excitement (Like when Soul gives consent for power boosts via the Black Blood).
  • The Little Ogre is referred to as the "Little Demon" or simply just "Demon" in the Anime.
  • The Little Demon seems to enjoy Swing music.
  • The Little Demon also seems to reside inside Maka, or at least for a short time.
  • The manga features a scene where the Little Ogre grows to great size, exactly as in the anime. However, the manga version is simply the normal sized ogre sitting inside of a large mechanical imitation, this, and his comment about courage being unable to suppress madness, are clear references to the anime ending.

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