Lightning Rope
Soul Eater Chapter 61 - Lightning Rope
Technique Data
English Title Lightning Rope
Romaji Izuna
Katakana 雷綱
Alternate Title(s)
Type Melee,
Derived Magic
Class Supplementary
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 61
Anime Debut
They're so fast, I didn't even know what hit me...

Justin Law, Chapter 61

Lightning Rope (雷綱, Izuna) is a supplementary "hyper-sensitivity" (超神経, chōshinkei) technique, used by the death scythe Marie Mjolnir.

After encircling her meister's wrist with numerous black tendrils, which emerge from the handle of her weapon form, she is able to directly interface with their body's nervous system. By then flowing electricity into the meister's motor nerves, this stimulates the individual's neural synapses to their utmost limits, dramatically increasing their locomotive and reactionary skills as a consequence. The extent of this enhancement is such, that the meister's resultant movements become almost impossible to perceive by the naked eye, giving the illusion that they are undergoing teleportation rather than simple physical movement. This was aptly demonstrated when the ability was used in conjunction with Franken Stein, allowing him to easily overwhelm the fellow death scythe Justin Law, despite the latter being an experienced and proficient close-quarter combatant himself.[1]

However, the prolonged use of this technique comes at considerable cost to the meister's own body, which is unable to handle the tremendous strain involved in their nervous system being pushed to its full capacity. This drastically restricts the period of the ability's activation, lest the inevitable repercussions that the meister experiences prove to be severe or even fatal.[2]

When this reaction is invoked, Marie's weapon form alters shape to one that is more reminiscent of a tonfa, with the rear of the hammer's head extending in length and a small guard emerging from its handle just in front of the user's wrist. This not only enhances the destructive potential of the meister's subsequent blows, but conceivably makes it easier to intercept incoming attacks using the weapon as well. As the reaction is sustained Marie's transformation can progress even further, ultimately allowing her to "drive" the entirety of her meister's wavelength into a desired target, resulting in massive internal injuries when delivered to an organic victim. After dealing such a blow, any excess emissions are then vented from various points along the length of the weapon.[3]


  • Izuna, when written as 飯綱, is the name of a specific kind of kuda-gitsune.
  • During Brew Contest! Clash, Shibusen vs. Arachnophobia?; Stein suggests that by using this technique they could obtain Brew in around five minutes. However, due to Stein having a fit of madness after resonating with Marie, the ability couldn't be used and so, it remained unnamed until Chapter 61.


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