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Lightning King Drill
Lightning King Lance
Technique Data
English Title Lightning King Drill
Romaji Raiōsen
Katakana 雷王穿
Alternate Title(s)
Derived Magic
Element Lightning
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 35
Anime Debut 35

Lightning King Drill is an anti-air thrusting technique used by Ox Ford and Harvar D. Éclair.


Ox charges lightning on the tip of Harvar while in his Demon Spear form, where they subsequently strike the enemy, which results in them moving in a motion that is reminiscent of a lightning bolt. This attack can easily sever the limbs of any of the largest Golems present within the series, and has enough power to bring one down when used alongside Kilik's Lightning Flash, when both of the pair are currently undergoing a Chain Resonance.



  • Both Ox and Kilik refer to the Chain Resonance, conducted using Lightning King Drill and Lightning Flash, as a "Thunder Combination".


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